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We’ve created two different opportunities for you to engage with our team selling FenceTrac® from Perimtec.

Perimtec Installer

The first opportunity is in becoming a Perimtec Installer. In order to be an Installer or Dealer we’ll need you to fill out the application on this page, provide tax documentation (proof of a legit business), and then have a 30 minute conversation with one of our Dealer Managers (we will follow up to schedule the call).

Once we have verified your credentials and your ability to provide installation services, your company name and contact information will be added to our website under Installers. This will allow customers to find you if they are looking for help with installation. You’ll also be set up with an account in our system so you can purchase materials directly from us and sell to your customers.

Perimtec Dealer

The second, and bigger, opportunity is in becoming a Perimtec Dealer.

Perimtec Dealers receive:

  • A premium spot on our website with more details about their company
  • All the leads that come in from their assigned area
  • Contractor pricing
  • Quote request assistance
  • Access to the Dealer Portal on our website
  • Advertising campaign management and
  • Unrelenting support from our Perimtec team

While we don’t require a purchase of inventory, we do require our Dealers to make an investment in advertising and sales tools. If you’d like to become a Dealer, you will need to:

  • Purchase a 6’x6’ free standing sample kit. It’s a great way to learn how to assemble the kits and you’ll have something to show your customers. $350
  • Purchase a full landing page on our website. This page is a great place for customers to go to learn more about our products AND your company. $100
  • Purchase 3 or more months of advertising in your area. We will manage the ad campaigns for you and send you all of the leads that come from it. $500/mo

Sales Tools & Advertising Support

Anyone, whether Installer or Dealer can purchase any of the following to help sell FenceTrac from Perimtec…

  • Android Tablet loaded with sales tools – $400.00
  • 6’x6’ free-standing full size sample – $350
  • 2’x2’ carry sample with handle – $80
  • Perimtec landing page with all of your company details – $100
  • Advertising management – $500/month

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or send an email.

Phone – (888) 995-8077
Email –

8211 E Regal Place, Suite 106
Tulsa, OK 74133

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