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What Are The Good Reasons to Install a Chain Link Fence


Installing a new fence can greatly improve the function and appearance of your property. And when it comes to durable, affordable, and customizable fencing options, it’s hard to beat a classic chain link fence. If you’re considering a fence installation or replacement project, here are some of the top reasons to choose a chain link fence for your needs.

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Top Reasons to Install a Chain Link Fence

Affordable and Economical

One of the biggest advantages of chain link fencing is cost. Chain link fencing provides an enclosed boundary at a fraction of the price of wood privacy fencing. It is also cheaper than vinyl fencing options. The average cost to install a chain link fence runs between $10–$20 per linear foot, making it very budget-friendly.

Lower Initial Costs

Unlike wood fences, chain link fences require less maintenance over time. The galvanized steel wire is coated for protection against corrosion and rust. So you save money over the lifespan of the fence versus a wood one that requires regular staining, sealing, and repairing of damaged pickets or posts.

Fewer Ongoing Costs

Additionally, chain link fences tend to hold up very well to wind, rain, and other weather due to their woven wire construction. They won’t rot, crack, or fall victim to insects like termites. This durability means fewer repairs needed and less cost for the lifecycle of the fence.

Durable and Low-Maintenance

For lasting perimeter protection with very little required ongoing care, chain link is an ideal fencing material. The tightly woven galvanized wire strands create a barrier that is surprisingly strong and durable.

Withstands Weather and More

Chain link fences stand up to all kinds of weather conditions including wind, rain, snow, and ice storms. The mesh design allows airflow rather than creating a solid surface that catches storm gusts. And unlike wood fences, the steel wire does not absorb moisture that can cause rotting or encourage mold, mildew, and other fungal growth.

Doesn’t Need Much Care

Other than an occasional check to ensure proper drainage and that vegetation hasn’t started growing into the fence, chain link requires almost no annual maintenance. No painting, sealing, clearing debris, or repairing breaks like wood fences demand. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it fencing solution.

Customizable and Flexible

Another advantage of chain link fencing is flexibility in installation as well as customization options. It can work on flat ground or hilly terrain and be configured into any shape or size as needed. You can also choose options like privacy slats or barbed wire strands.

Adapts to Landscape

Chain link fence doesn’t need perfectly flat or even ground to follow your landscape’s contours. The posts can be set into concrete sleeves allowing for some movement and adjustments across uneven terrain. Easily incorporating slopes, berms, etc. into the enclosed area.

Personalize Your Fence

Add privacy with chain link fence screening or slats inserted into the mesh. Choose galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, or a vinyl-coated chain link wire. Include single or double walk gates. Top it off with a barbed or razor security wire. Mix and match materials and accessories to your needs and tastes.

Secure and Long-Lasting Barrier

Providing a protective enclosure of your property is a primary purpose for installing any fence. For a strong perimeter defense against intruders, stray animals, and other threats, it’s hard to beat chain links.

Deters Intruders

While no barrier can promise absolute security, chain link fencing provides an effective deterrent. The woven wire design eliminates hiding spots, its height exceeds easy climbing, and the galvanized coating inhibits cutting tools. Gates can have extra protections like automatic locks too.

Stands the Test of Time

Today’s galvanized chain link fences are built to last decades. And with aluminum alloy or vinyl coatings, they can even be warranted for 25+ year lifespans. Durability is outstanding compared with wood or ornamental metal designs, especially in extreme weather regions. For long-term security, a chain link is an ideal investment.


A chain link fence delivers on affordability, strength, design flexibility, ease of installation, and the ability to stand up to weather and regular wear and tear. It’s the ideal fencing solution for everything from backyards to ball fields, schools to storage facilities, public parks to playgrounds. And unlike wood privacy fences, you never need to paint or seal the woven wire.

If security, hassle-free durability, and economics matter for your next fencing project, be sure to consider the advantages and custom options available with chain link fencing. It’s a trusted brand that has protected properties both commercial and residential across many generations. And thanks to improvements like vinyl and powder coatings that provide privacy, style, and longevity, Chain Link continues earning its reputation as a go-to fencing choice.

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