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Deck Stain: How to Select The Best

Deck Stain: How to Select The Best

Jan 15, 2021 | Stain

DECK STAINSearching for the right deck stain can be a bit confusing…

Due to the overwhelming number of choices (and stain types) available online and in the store.

If you want to choose the best wood deck stain

You’ll want a stain formulated to stand the test of time.

In addition to that.

You need a deck stain that’s easy to apply and looks fantastic whether you’re a staining pro or a DIY homeowner.

You may be wondering what make one stain better than the other…

  • What’s the difference between a “commercial deck stain” and mass-market stain?
  • What is a “sealant” and what stain formula seals wood the best?
  • How does stain help improve my deck?

Today, we’re going to show you exactly what to look for.

When sourcing deck stain for your next stain and seal project.

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What is Deck Stain & Sealant?

Deck stain is a type of coating product that can be applied to wood deck materials – prior to or after deck construction – to change the wood’s appearance by enhancing its natural tone or changing the wood to an entirely different color, while allowing beautiful wood grain patterns to show through.

A quality-stained deck protects your investment and can give your backyard a warm, inviting feel.


Stains range in appearance from transparent to semi-transparent to solid color (nearly opaque).

And they come in a variety of stain colors.

Wood deck stains are used on decks constructed from cedar, redwood, treated pine or cypress… and many other types of woods as well.

Stain vs. Paint

Deck stain and sealant differs from traditional paint in some key areas.

First, stain penetrates the wood to preserve and enhance its natural beauty.


While paint sits on top of the wood’s surface.

Covering the wood entirely.

Another important difference between stain and paint…

Is that stain wears away gradually and accommodates re-coating very easily.

Paint, on the other hand, generally peels over time requiring more surface preparation when re-coating.


Now, let’s take a look.

At how stain works to improve your deck.

How Does Wood Deck Stain Help?

While most deck stain brands offer consumer-quality, mass-market characteristics…

…a commercial-grade wood deck stain is well worth the investment.

When you invest in a high-quality deck stain, you enjoy the following benefits:

ONE – In most backyards, a stained deck looks much better than naturally-aged “gray” wood.

TWO – A quality deck stain makes your deck less susceptible to mildew and rot.

THREE – A quality deck stain helps wood withstand harmful UV rays.

FOUR – A quality deck stain helps deck boards and railings repel water.

FIVE – A quality deck stain can help preserve wood and prevent warping.

SIX – A quality deck stain can prolong the life of your deck, saving you time and money.

These are just a few ways that the best wood deck stains…

…can help preserve the wood of your deck and keep it looking great for years.

A better stain is worth it.

How to Select the Best Wood Deck Stain

A commercial-grade wood deck stain will excel in several key areas.


Learn more about Stain & Seal Deck Stains ›

Below are a few characteristics that make some stain products (much) better than others.

High Quality Pigments for Better Color Retention

The type of pigment used to add color to stain products varies widely by brand and by type of stain.

While most wood stain products use cheap, low-quality pigments (requiring harsh solvents)…

The best wood deck stains use high-quality, automotive-grade pigments.

Proven to last longer and perform better in tough climates.


These pigments have more resistance to the punishing UV rays of the sun.

While holding their color better and longer than cheap alternatives.

Better pigments (combined with superior formulation) also disperse more evenly throughout the wood grain.

To create a more uniform finish.

Without streaks, lap marks, drops and runs.

Better Sealing Properties to Preserve Wood

Buy a deck stain that also seals and protect.

The best wood deck stains start with a 100% paraffin oil base.

Paraffin oil is a renowned penetrating oil that helps prevent UV and water damage.

While offering one of the best and safest ways to preserve wood.


Better for new wood (and old) deck installations.

While many oils have a difficult time penetrating newer, harder wood…

…paraffin oil soaks in for superior absorption, color adhesion and sealing properties.

Our stains are formulated with proprietary nano sealers and the best wood conditioners.

To penetrate the wood and create a better water barrier with more color protection.

Resistant to Mildew, Rot, Insects for Wood Protection

Choose a deck stain formulated to resist mildew, mold, fungi and insects…

That way, you can prevent destructive wood rot.

Mildewcides in some stain products resist mold and mildew growth.

To help protect the integrity of cellulose fibers that add structure to wood.


Better mildewcides are non-toxic (and safe for the environment).

While offering long-lasting protection.

The commercial-grade deck stains we carry are formulated with powerful rot-fighting compounds.

Non-Toxic Formula to Protect the Environment

Paint products – among other substances – contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

VOCs are chemical compounds that are released into the air as you apply liquid coating products.

Their odor is noticeable when you first open a container of stain or paint.

In higher concentrations, they can be toxic and harmful to the environment and to people and pets.

Most cheap stain products are formulated with solvents… containing high levels of VOCs.

As these solvents evaporate, they release VOCs (sometimes called off-gassing) into the atmosphere for months.

Our eco-friendly, super low-VOC stains contain no harmful carcinogenic solvents.


Instead, our proprietary formulation creates stain products that deliver a superior finish without harmful side effects.

Better for the environment and better for you.

Pet & People Friendly to Protect Your Loved Ones

As noted above, a high-VOC stain can give off VOCs for months (or even years).

And this can cause problems for the health of your family members.

Or to the sensitive systems of certain pets.


Experts note the following health risks associated with toxic VOC exposure:

  • Eye, nose or throat irritation
  • Allergic skin reactions
  • Visual disorders and memory impairment
  • Headaches, dizziness or nausea
  • Liver, kidney or organ damage
  • And even… cancer in animals or humans

A low-VOC stain is safer for people and safer for pets.

By investing in a responsibly-formulated stain product, you can protect the ones you love.

Easier to Apply for Better Results

We’ve all seen examples of poorly stained wood projects.

Where a cheap stain was used, and you see runs in areas of over application.

Or you see lap marks where overlapping brush or sprayer strokes made the stain darker in some areas.

When you are choosing the best wood deck stain for your project…

…look for one that allows for overlaps and errors during application.

A wood stain that can be applied without worrying about streaks, runs, lap marks, etc.


Look for a self-leveling stain…

Our stain has been called the “easiest to apply in the market.”

It can be applied with a sprayer, brush or roller.

Making it easy for anyone (DIY or Professional) to stain a deck.

The Best Wood Deck Stain on The Market

We hope you’ve learned a little more about what makes a superior deck stain product.

If you want a high-quality stain and sealer that will help preserve your deck while making it look great…

Look no further than the stains we sell online from Stain & Seal Experts.

These deck stains meet all of the above criteria.

Our stains can also be applied as fence stain and to pergolas, siding, log cabins or interior applications.

Use these stains for pre-finishing and pre-staining your lumber. Boards can even be stacked wet.

Stain your deck after initial construction or to re-stain and seal your older deck.

Check out our excellent prices on deck stain.

Plus… we offer Free Shipping on all wood deck stain products.

Click below to order online, or call (888) 995-8077.

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