Benefits of Modern Privacy Fencing Solutions

If you are looking to build a decorative privacy fence

To enhance the look of your backyard, this post is for you.


We will explore some beautiful, modern decorative fences.

Built by DIY homeowners and fence contractors using our unique fence frame kit.

This kit makes it easy to design the perfect fence to revamp your yard.

What is a Decorative Privacy Fence?

A decorative privacy fence is a fence that adds visual appeal to your yard space, patio, garden or driveway area.

With its unique design, a decorative privacy fence can instantly enhance your yard space.

While providing security and privacy.

A decorative wood fence is not like an ordinary plain wood privacy fence.

Instead, this fence makes a statement of its own.

Decorative fences can range in terms of style and materials of construction.

You can build a decorative metal privacy fence, or it can be built from wood, vinyl, bamboo, pipe, etc…

Some decorative privacy fences use a combination of different contrasting materials to create amazing style.

Check out this fence.

Metal Frame Fence Gate Kit Wood & Metal

Fence styles can range from a simple post-and-rail style to an aluminum ornamental fence to a traditional white picket fence.

If you’re looking to build or enclose your yard with a fence that immediately dresses up your property.

Now is a great time to consider modern backyard fence decorating ideas.

So you know what’s available.

When it comes to designing your decorative fence, design options are endless.

A Better Way to Build a Decorative Privacy Fence

With so many fence styles available today…

It can be difficult for homeowners to decide what’s best for their property.

Not only do you want a unique fence design…

But you also want a fence that will last many years.


The basic wood privacy fence can (and often does) rot at the base

Which causes the fence to be more easily damaged by wind.

Wood Privacy Fence With Gaps

The typical privacy fence built with wooden posts only lasts 7 to 10 years.

Today, if you want to build with wood.

More and more people are choosing to build wood and metal fences using metal fence posts.

That’s one thing that makes our fence system so great.

Our fence system utilizes a U-channel frame between metal fence posts to hold fence infill materials securely in place.

Perimtec combines the strength of metal posts.

With the ability to choose any type of infill material you want.

Perimtec’s fencing system gives you the opportunity to create a customized, unique, decorative fence.

While providing strength and durability to your decorative fence.

Keep reading…

We will dive into how our system works.

Let’s take a look into some modern decorative fencing ideas that will bring the “WOW!” factor to your neighborhood.

Modern Decorative Fence Ideas

Check out these modern decorative fences built using our fencing system.

Decorative fence designs can vary from bamboo infill to metal infill…

With vertical to horizontal layouts.

We’ve seen lot’s of decorative vinyl fence designs.

Planning to build your fence with wood?

Learn more about fence stain color options.

Perimtec’s fence system allows you to have endless infill material options.

Versus being limited to traditional materials.

Here’s a fence built with decorative metal fence panels.

Factory-coated to resemble the look of wood grain.

Light Wood Grain Corrugated Metal Fence Panels Black Frame

Check out a few of the other material options we have seen clients install with our fence…

Slatted wood • wood & iron • welded wire • cattle panels • reclaimed wood • corrugated metal • ribbed metal • stone veneer panels • brick veneer panels • bamboo • wrought iron • hardie board • metal screen • wood rails • black slats • white slats • metal sheets • metal panels • perforated metal • etched metal • lattice • wood pallets • barn wood • vinyl • composite • PVC

Design Your Own Decorative Privacy Fence Panels

Maybe you are wanting to improve the look of your backyard.

By adding a decorative privacy fence or privacy screen.


We have you covered.

Our fencing system comes in U-channel frames that are assembled panel by panel. 

Our fence can be installed as a single, stand-alone panel.

Or with multiple panels in various shapes and layouts.

Not only can decorative fence panels highlight backyard attributes…

They can also hide unattractive features such as pool equipment, garbage cans or air conditioners.

Pool Equipment Enclosure

Decorative privacy panels can also create a unique look to your pool or outdoor hot tub.

Fences do not have to be used just around the perimeter of your yard.


They can provide a decorative and designer touch.

Take a look at some of these decorative privacy fence panel ideas.

The Easy Way to Build a Decorative Privacy Fence

Perimtec would love to help you with a kit to build your decorative fence.

Our patented fence system utilizes a heavy-duty U-channel frame between metal fence posts.

This robust frame holds your choice of infill material in place.

Side channels attach to each post with self-tapping screws.

While top and bottom channels attach to each side channel with bolts.

No additional nails or screws are required to hold most infill in place.

It’s simple.

Here’s how it works.

FenceTrac Assembly Diagram

The steel channel fence frame can accommodate any rigid infill materials (up to 1-inch thick).

Watch this video to see exactly how the system goes together.

Use your imagination to design a decorative fence that matches the aesthetic of your backyard oasis.

Our fence will not warp, lean, sag or rot.

This system makes it super easy to build a horizontal fence.

Horizontal Stained Privacy Fence Metal Posts

Perimtec fence systems can give you a beautiful unique fence to accent your beautiful property.

If you are using wood as your infill material, check out the numerous fence stain options we offer.

In addition to complete fence systems, we offer gate kits for fence gates or yard gates that can be mounted to posts or directly to masonry fences, stucco, concrete or block walls.

Whether you are building your own decorative privacy fence or having a fence contractor install it.

We wish you the best as you plan your fence project!

If we can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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