If you’re building a DIY fence, you’ve come to the right place.

FenceTrac Elegant Privacy Fence Natural Wood With Metal FrameDo-it-yourself TV shows, books, web sites and magazines continue to grow as one of the hottest trends of the day.

And for good reason…

Homeowners with a little bit of “handiness” can save hundreds to thousands of dollars by doing things themselves.

Privacy fencing is no different!

Homeowners with a few tools and a basic knowledge of how to use them can build the fence of their dreams with a little time, patience and knowledge.

You can do this!

Before we jump into backyard fence ideas, let’s talk about a few thoughts on DIY fence planning.

Planning Your DIY Fence

There are an endless number of options for the DIY fence builder.

Fence planning questions might include… 

How tall should your fence be? Horizontal fence or vertical fence?

What color fence will look good with my house? Wood, metal, vinyl or a combination?

See through or full privacy? Stained, natural, composite or reclaimed materials?

Curved Privacy Fence Horizontal Pickets

As you start planning your fence, don’t forget to check your local building codes and/or your homeowners association covenants.

These organizations may limit what you can do as a DIY fence builder.

And, as with any outdoor construction project, always call your local underground utility line location service before you start digging.

You don’t want to cut cable service to your neighbor’s house right in the middle of a big game or worse!

Call before you dig!

One more major consideration in your DIY fence project will be your fence budget.

The fact is.

Some fence projects cost considerably more than others. But a better quality fence around your property will add value to your home.

Your privacy fence is often one of the first and most prominent aspects of your property that visitors see. First impressions are important so invest in your property and appearance.

If you want to have a better looking property, you’ll want to avoid a cheap fence.

Ugly wood fence

Your investment will pay off in the end.


Let’s talk about some of your house fence options

Building a wood fence isn’t difficult for the average DIY guy or girl.

Privacy Fence Rough Wood With Cap

Making it look good is the part that takes a little time and effort.

As with any DIY work, if you take your time to plan the project, you’ll save yourself some headaches.

DIY Fence Kits

Using kits or pre-built panels can save time for the DIY fence builder.

Frame kits provide you with precise, uniform materials that will help your privacy fence look professionally done.

Patio Privacy Fence Outdoor Kitchen

Pre-built kits allow the do it yourself fence builder to add any type of infill material.

Choose from cedar, cyprus, pine, ipe or an exotic wood to really stand out.

DIY Fence Materials

Looking for an Asian flair or tropical look?

Build your DIY fence with bamboo. Bamboo fencing can be built using pre-formed metal fence frames and bamboo panels to save time.

FenceTrac Unique Rolling Bamboo Fence Gate

Want a more industrial look?

Pick up some corrugated metal at your local lumber yard or building products store and use metal in your privacy fence.

Another popular option for the DIY project is to find reclaimed panels that have been removed from an old barn or building.

The weathered patina will give your DIY project a unique look.

Corrugated Metal Privacy Fence

How about a more modern composite fence?

Composite fence materials have been very popular, offering low maintenance and longevity to any fence.

Privacy Fence with Composite Wood


You want to keep pets and children in your yard but don’t to constrict your view with full privacy, your DIY fence could use welded wire panels or chain link with wood or metal posts.

FenceTrac Ranch Rail Cedar & Chain Link Fence

A pre-built frame kit will be the easiest way to build the DIY welded wire fence, but it doesn’t have to be the only option.

DIY Fence Styles

One of the great things about building your do it yourself fence is that you have total control over the end result.

Browse the shelves at Home Depot, Lowes or your local hardware store, and find just the right wood stain color that matches your house and/or style.

Cute Privacy Fence for Backyard

Combine steel, vinyl, iron, wood, concrete and more to create the do it yourself fence that stands out as unique and individually yours.

Metal posts and frames with wood or other natural infill materials will give your new privacy fence strength and durability with visual warmth.

White Vinyl Privacy Fence Metal Posts

The great thing about the DIY home owner is that you can use the materials that you’re comfortable with to build your DIY fence.

If you’re excited about wood and carpentry and have the tools to work with your material, build a DIY wood fence.

If you are more of the metal guy or girl, use steel or iron to build your DIY fence.

Check out our big privacy fence gallery.

Plan your project based on the end goals. You should also choose the material and complexity that fit your DIY capabilities.

The Best DIY Fence Looks Great on Both Sides

One last important thing to consider in designing your DIY fence is…who gets the “good side”?

With an ordinary wood privacy fence, the fence looks nice and uniform on one side, while the other side just looks like posts and cross members.

And the “good” side usually faces out to the public (or your neighbor), while the homeowner is stuck with the bad side in their backyard.

When building a DIY fence, you shouldn’t have to choose who gets the good side.

Everyone should get the good side.

Beautiful Horizontal Privacy Fence

If you build a DIY privacy fence using FenceTrac from Perimtec, both sides look exactly the same! Everybody wins.

Bend the rules. Break the rules. Be creative. Look to this blog, Pinterest, Instagram and more for inspiration. Build within your skills and capabilities but stretch your DIY knowledge.

Invest in your home and its surroundings and it will pay you back in the future.

Some DIY Fences Are Easier to Build Than Others

The fences shown in this post utilize FenceTrac – a metal frame fence system that helps you create the exact look you want for your property.

Watch this video to see how easy FenceTrac goes together. 

With a FenceTrac fence system, you can build a complete DIY fence without using any nails.

Learn more about FenceTrac ›

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