This post will show you the easiest way to add fence planter boxes to your fence.

The planter box design we’ll look at today is perfect for those that want a quick solution for hanging planter boxes along a fence.

And also perfect for those looking for DIY planter box ideas.

Let’s take a sneak peek before we dish the dirt on this planter.

Vertical Planter Boxes Fence Mounted

Why You Might Want Hang Fence Planter Boxes on Your Fence

The reasons why you may want to install planter boxes on a fence vary from person to person and place to place.

But they all share one thing in common.

The desire to add life to a fence.

Planting green or colorful plants can give your backyard space or community space a whole new atmosphere.

Plants and color and fruits and vegetables add depth and character to any space.

Fence Planter Boxes Mounted to Wood Fence With Flowers

Here are a few things you may want to do with your fence planters…

  • Grow an herb garden along your fence
  • Plant flowers on the wall of a privacy fence
  • Hang vertical planter boxes on a chain link fence
  • Grow vegetables along a fence
  • Use planters to grow hanging plants that cover a fence wall
  • Add flowers to a privacy wall
  • Add greenery to a patio privacy wall
  • Grow strawberries or fruits in fence planter boxes
  • Grow an urban garden in a small space

To do any one of these things you need a planter box that is versatile and durable.

Whether you’re mounting to wood, metal, chain link, vinyl or masonry.

When it comes to DIY fence planter boxes, many are made from wood.

DIY Wood Planter Boxes on a Fence With Flowers

While wood is a great building product.

The problem with wood (for planter boxes) is that it can rot quickly as it’s exposed to moisture from the soil.

Plus, the cost of lumber has increased quite a bit.

Now, let’s talk about plastic.

But not just any plastic…

100% Recycled Plastic Vertical Planters

Plastic planter boxes work great for use on a fence.

Fence-mounted Vertical Planter Boxes

The planters shown above are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic.

They are mounted to a wood and metal fence.

Each planter holds the soil in a self-contained unit, preventing moisture from wicking into the wood of your fence.

These planters are a very cost-effective way to easily add planters to any fence.

They can be attached to wood for small accents.

Vertical Planter Boxes Mounted to Wood Fence Posts

Or they can be attached to chain link.

For a wall of color.

Fence Planter Boxes on Chain Link Fence

How to Mount Fence Planter Boxes

These planters come with three different mounting options.

They can be attached to any type of fence.

Whether it’s a wood fence or even a decorative metal fence.

Direct Mount With Screws

Direct mount allows you to install the box directly to a wall or fence using screws.

Direct Mounting Planter Boxes

Wall Mount With Hanger

For wall mount, you first attach the provided hanger to a fence or wall. Then the planter snaps onto the hanger.

Wall Mount With Hanger

Chain Link Mount With Hanger

The hanger is designed to slip perfectly into the notch provided in the openings of a chain link fence for chain link fence planters.

Chain Link Mounted Planter

These vertical planter boxes can be mounted to any vertical surface, fence, wall, railing, etc.

Fence Planter Box Video

These vertical planters are available in both black and white.

100% Recycled Plastic Planter Boxes

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Fence Planter Boxes

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