HOA Neighborhood Privacy Fence Rock ColumnsIf you are planning to build an HOA fence around your new community…

Or looking to replace an older perimeter fence in an existing neighborhood, this post is for you.

In this post.

We’re going to explore a perimeter fence system…

…that gives you ultimate freedom of design and offers superior privacy and security.

Let’s take a closer look.

What is an HOA Perimeter Fence?

An HOA fence (or community fence) is a fence that surrounds the neighborhood of properties that are part of a Homeowners’ Association, Property Owners’ Association, gated community or other type of community neighborhood.

Traditionally, HOA fence design choices have included options, like:

  • Wood privacy fence
  • Vinyl privacy fence
  • Brick wall fence
  • Masonry or block wall fence
  • Stone or rock wall fence
  • Concrete wall fence
  • Ornamental metal fence

These perimeter fence options vary greatly in terms of upfront cost, ongoing maintenance and lifespan.

Here’s an example of a wood privacy perimeter fence.

Installed around a new subdivision development.

Neighborhood Wooden Privacy Fence

While these fences are relatively cheap to install…

They have a limited lifespan and may detract from the look of your neighborhood over time.

Near the other end of the spectrum is a masonry wall fence.

Gated Community Block Wall

A wall fence can be constructed of brick, block, stone, stucco or poured concrete.

These are often very beautiful fences.


With a much higher cost than wood…

These fences are not for every neighborhood.


Let’s take a look at an alternative a wood or wall fence that falls somewhere in between.

Build A Better Fence Around Your Community

If you’re looking for a happy medium.

A balance between aesthetics, budget and longevity.

Then take a look at our innovative fence system.

HOA Neighborhood Privacy Fence Stair Step

Our system combines the strength (and longevity) of a metal post and channel frame…

…with the infill material of your choosing.

So you have nearly unlimited design options in an affordable to build fence.

In a moment we’ll take a closer look at how our fence system works.

But for now.

Let’s look at some fences built using our unique panel system.

Fence Design Ideas For Neighborhoods

Here are several fences built using the Perimtec system.

Perimeter fence design can vary from vertical to horizontal layout…

…to using nearly any type of infill material you’d like.

Let’s take a look at some community fence ideas.

Building with our unique U-channel fence frame system.

You are not limited to traditional fencing materials.

We love seeing the fence designs that our clients come up with.

Here are just a few unique material options… 

We’ve seen installed with our fence.

Slatted wood • wood & iron • welded wire • cattle panels • reclaimed wood • corrugated metal • ribbed metal • stone veneer panels • brick veneer panels • bamboo • wrought iron • hardie board • metal screen • wood rails • black slats • white slats • metal sheets • metal panels • perforated metal • etched metal • lattice • wood pallets • barn wood • vinyl • composite • PVC

A Kit to Build a More Modern Fence

We help you create a fence as unique as your community.

FenceTrac Privacy Fence InstallationA patented fence panel kit.

Including a robust U-channel frame between metal fence posts…

Holds fence infill materials securely in place.

Steel side channels attach to each post with self-tapping screws.

While top and bottom channels attach to each side channel with bolts.

Simple assembly…

This system does not require nails or screws to securely hold your fence infill in place.

Here’s how it works.

FenceTrac Assembly Diagram

The steel channel fence frame can accommodate any rigid infill materials (up to 1-inch thick).

Use your imagination to design a perimeter fence that matches the style of your neighborhood.

Your new neighborhood fence will not warp, sag, lean or rot.

And with the popularity of modern horizontal fencing.

This system makes it super easy to build a horizontal fence.

4' Metal Patio Fence Horizontal Wood

Design the perfect fence for your HOA, POA or gated community neighborhood.

Perimtec fence systems create a very strong fence.

One that can stand strong for decades.

Does your fence design include wood?

Learn more about our fence stain color options (and what makes a great stain).

In addition to complete fence systems, we offer standard and custom gate kits for neighborhood access.

We wish you the best as you plan your perimeter fence project!

If we can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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