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How to Choose the Right Temporary Fence for Your Dog?


Finding the perfect temporary fencing lets your dog play safely outdoors. Getting temporary fencing for your canine companion allows them more opportunities to enjoy the fresh air and safely play or relax outside. These convenient, customizable barriers can be set up as needed in backyards, taken on trips for vacations in nature, used to create off-leash areas at your local park, and more. Their portability provides protective spaces anywhere.  

With many types of temporary dog fences on the market, though, it can get overwhelming to pick the right one for your specific needs. Certain key factors go into selecting durable, escape-proof containment that also fits different areas. This guide covers what aspects to consider when deciding which temporary fencing is the ideal option for your energetic pup.

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Measure Your Dog’s Size And Skills

The first major thing to think about is your dog – their height, weight, energy level, jumping power, and abilities to dig or climb. Observe your dog closely and take precise measurements. 


Stand your dog against a wall and measure from paw to shoulder at their tallest point when fully stretched upward. This determines the minimum fence height needed to contain them. Add at least 6 extra inches as a safety buffer.


Heavier pups have more force to knock over lightweight barriers. Factor sturdiness needs into material decisions.   


Test your dog’s vertical leap height by encouraging them to jump up toward held treats. Compare it to their full stretched-out height. 


Carefully watch your dog’s behaviour in the yard for any obsessive digging spots or attempts to scale barriers. These habits require fences secured deeply underground or with special overhangs/inward curving material up top.   

Energy Level

Zooming younger or very active dogs need taller, more stable containment materials than calmer senior pets who just want light boundary definition for relaxation or grazing.  

Consider Your Unique Usage Purposes

Think about when, where, and why you aim to use temporary fencing for your energetic canine. This further helps decide which portable system works best. Ask yourself:

Where will we use it? In my backyard primarily? For trips to the beach/woods? At my rental house? In my apartment courtyard? At the dog park? 

How large of a space needs fencing off? Measure the precise area you need to enclose.  

How often/how long will it get used? Daily? Just on weekends? Only when travelling? Will it stay up permanently or get taken down daily? 

What ground surface(s) need covering? Grass? Dirt? Sand? Concrete?  

Considering usage spaces and durations helps choose the ideal temporary fence type, size, anchoring mechanism, and portability level. 

If you mainly need containment in your home backyard, focus on sturdy models with robust ground stakes for permanent grass or garden installation. Opt for larger, heavier panels and poles to hold up long-term through weather and digs/jumps.  

For travel or public spaces like parks, compact, lightweight, and very portable designs work best. These easily pack into vehicles and often use smaller interlocking stakes good for temporary ground installation on trips. Larger outdoor spaces may need more modular connecting panels.  

Decide on the Right Containment Materials For Safety and durability.

Temporary and portable dog fences come in a range of different materials, all with their characteristics, like:

  • Metal – Longest lasting but conducts electricity, so unsafe in storms.
  • Plastic – Affordable, weather/rustproof, good for permanent backyard spots.  
  • Mesh – Lightweight and breathable, but needs proper coating for durability. 
  • Netting – Lets in light airflow, but dogs can get snouts stuck in holes. 
  • Fabric – Very portable, great for camping, but tears are easier from dog claws.

The strongest and most secure, durable containment materials for energetic big dogs include coated steel mesh, galvanized welded wire, and powder-coated metal, as they resist biting, scratching, and barrier frustration. But metal can bend from jumping dogs if not properly anchored to the ground. 

For relaxed, small, or elderly pups, softer portable plastics, netting, or mesh fences work well for light outdoor boundary definition. These are usually safer, better ventilated, and easier for owners to manoeuvre.  

Consider a Sturdy, Secure Anchor Pole Design 

The vertical support rods, poles and stakes that anchor temporary dog fencing in place should have thick enough diameter bases to install well into grass or dirt for stability. But pole bases also need retracting flexibility for quick transport and easy storage when not containing your pup. 

Outdoors, longer metal ground stakes from 12 to 18 inches screwed deep into the soil offer the most secure anchor support. Some stakes feature corkscrew or spiral ends to dig deeper and resist forceful pullouts. For industrial strength, concrete-based poles permanently set in the ground withstand the most energy but limit mobility.  

The suction cup, screw-in, and weighted indoor/outdoor pole bases allow versatile surface support indoors or onto decks/pavement. But wind, dog crashes, and storms can topple lighter bases without subsurface stability. Having a mix of permanent stake and portable base supports creates flexibility for various sites.  

Ensure Convenient Access In & Out 

Even the most expansive temporary dog fences need occasional entry and exit points for both human and canine access. Convenient gates that open, close, and lock quickly make maneuvering in and out of defined areas fast and frustration-free. 

Self-closing walk-through gates are essential for security and stopping pups from dashing out sneakily behind owners. The gates automatically swing closed after each passerby, preventing fast escapes.

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