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What Is Perimeter Fencing And What Are Its Benefits?


If you want to make sure your property is secure, a good idea is to build a fence around the perimeter of your belongings. If this isn’t in place, then everything else you do will be pointless and useless. There are many advantages to putting perimeter fencing around your property.

Make up your mind right now to use this modern option if you haven’t already. Prior to that, let us learn what perimeter fence is and what its benefits are.

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What is Perimeter Fencing?

With a perimeter fence, you can barricade and surround an area to keep people from damaging it or getting in without permission. A perimeter fence is a wall that separates your land from the others. People usually put them up for privacy, security, and aesthetic reasons. Setting up a fence around the outside of your land is a great way to keep thieves, vandals, and other problems from happening.

When it comes to protecting your land, the first line of defense is the fencing around the outside. As a set of vertical metal bars, mesh fencing, school fencing, prison fencing are the most common type of perimeter fencing. It is common practice to use a horizontal bar to link the top and bottom sections of these fences, making them more robust; these fences are thus ideal for properties with a high level of security.

Different Kinds Of Perimeter Fences

The perimeter fence is your first line of defense against theft and damage. So, it’s reasonable to assume that it will be available in a wide variety of patterns and styles to meet your demands and preferences. Most perimeter fences are made up of a row of straight metal bars, like those used in prisons, mesh fences, and so on. These are great for high-security properties, and a horizontal bar is often used to connect the top and bottom to make them stronger.

For extra-tough perimeter protection, you might need to put up an electric wire fence. The shock it gives to attackers is especially good at keeping them from getting into your property.

Benefits Of Perimeter Fencing

Enhanced aesthetic value

A perimeter fence improves the beauty of your home. There are many styles and types of materials for fences, so you can pick one that fits in with the look of your home and gives you the security you need. Different kinds of fence are available, such as wrought-iron fencing and high-security mesh systems.

Made Property Safer

Putting up perimeter security fencing around your home or business can make the area safer generally. This can turn your property into a wall between the outside world and your property, making it harder for people who want to break in.

Control Access To The Property

Separating your land and controlling who can get on it can be easier with a strong perimeter fence. You can manage who comes on and off your property by putting up gates and barriers as part of an access control system. This not only makes your property safer, but it also lets you control the flow of people and cars, making sure everything runs smoothly and reducing the risk of accidents.

Integration with Security Systems

You can combine perimeter fences with other security measures to make a full security system. Among these are lighting or video surveillance systems at places of entry and exit. Using technological solutions together can help keep an eye on security issues and act to them better.

Low Maintenance

When it comes to upkeep, perimeter fencing doesn’t need as much as alarms do. Furthermore, fence can be strong and long-lasting, ensuring that it will not fail you. What you don’t need to do is repair or update it. Just make sure that a professional puts up the perimeter fence so that you know it will keep your property safe.

Peace of Mind

People don’t always think about how important it is to have outer security guards. When you know that your physical belongings are safe from outside threats, you feel at ease. This peace of mind can help make the home or workplace safer and more focused, which is good for creativity and efficiency.


Why Would Someone Install A Perimeter Fence?

For both residential and commercial establishments, perimeter fencing is an essential component of physical security. It contributes to the general safety and privacy of the premises by not only marking the boundaries of a property but also serving as the first line of defense against unauthorized entry.

How Are Security Fences Ranked?

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LCPB) is in charge of establishing requirements and granting approval for products with security ratings. To verify their fencing systems, they collaborate with police, security organizations, and governments, among others. The introduction of the LPS 1175 certification served to guarantee that purchasers were aware of the fence’s strength and security level.

What’s the ideal height for a perimeter fence?

We advise having a minimum height of six feet if you are utilizing chain link fencing. It is not actually required to raise this height by one or two feet as it will only temporarily dissuade offenders. We specify that vinyl fencing must be seven feet high.

Bottom Lines

No matter what type of perimeter fencing you choose, whether it’s high security, privacy, or aesthetic, we can all agree that these four key qualities make any fence better: strength, durability, safety, and low maintenance. The various varieties of perimeter fences available on the market can meet all of your fencing requirements.

If you are looking for a perimeter security solution, Perimtec is here to help. Our expert team member will be with you every step of the way, from design and installation to maintenance and repair. Contact us immediately and allow our staff to give the expertise required for safe and secure fencing for your property.

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