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Product Details

“Clean Up” is our pre-treatment and oil-based stain remover.  This product comes in a concentrated form with a spout.

Perfect For

This product is unlike any other degreaser, it will bring stains right off of concrete and brick.  A must have for any staining project.

Benefits & Uses

Use this to pre-treat siding, bricks, windows, concrete, automobiles and other surfaces before staining and again after staining to make Clean Up easy.

Mixing Instructions

  • Mix 4 parts water with 1 part Clean Up Degreaser
  • Shake well before using

Keep a small amount of undiluted Clean Up for tough jobs like stain spills on concrete.


  • 1 gallon pail makes 5 gallons
  • 32 oz container makes 1.25 gallons


  • Use caution on painted surfaces.
  • Wear skin and eye protection when using this product.

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