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Product Details

Naturally aged reclaimed redwood planks which have been carefully removed from fallen and rebuilt structures, then chosen for their unique look of knots, texture, color and scoring. Rewoodd reclaims primarily old-growth redwood planks to deliver the most unique and affordable accent walls and projects.All our wood is 100% reclaimed redwood, NOT pallet boards or new wood made to look aged or reclaimed. We offer two different categories of reclaimed redwood to fit any style for your home or business – Naturally Preserved (uncoated) or Bella Colours (painted). Make a one-of-a-kind statement with Rewoodd.

Product Specifications

Coverage Area: 20 Sq. Ft.
Thickness: Peel & Stick 3/16” (.1875 mm)
Width: 5″ Face (127mm)
Lengths: Varying Ranges: 8″ – 48″ (203.2mm – 1219.2mm)
Wood Type: Coastal Redwood
Scientific Name: Sequoia Sempervirens
Grade: Reclaimed Weathered Certified Coastal Redwood

About Rewoodd Reclaimed Wood

Is Rewoodd real wood?
Yes, our product is 100% reclaimed Redwood from old structures. We pride ourselves on our zero-waste policy. In addition to the wood, every other component gets used or properly recycled for reuse such as nails, bolts, straps, brackets, etc.

What is reclaimed redwood?
Reclaimed means that instead of going to the landfill, primarily old growth redwood is sent to our Rewoodd facility in Northern CA where it is sorted & milled to an appropriate width, length, and thickness for easy installation. It is then analyzed for toxic chemicals and inspected against our strict quality standards.

Where does reclaimed Rewoodd come from?
Our planks are reclaimed and re-purposed from old redwood structures, including farmhouses, turn-of-the-century homes, sheds and other wooden structures.

Are there knot holes in Rewoodd wood?
Knots yes, NO holes from missing or loose knots.  We pride ourselves in quality control. Each board is inspected multiple times during the milling process. Unlike inferior products, you will never need to paint your wall or space before you begin your project.

Can Rewoodd peel & stick be installed outdoors?
No. Peel & stick planks should not be installed outdoors. However, we offer tongue & groove planks that work great for outdoor installation.

Can Rewoodd be installed with Perimtec’s FenceTrac fence systems?
Peel & stick cannot be installed in FenceTrac. Tongue & groove can be installed with exceptions. Learn more on the tongue & groove page.

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