Fence & Deck Stains

FENCE STAIN PRODUCTSStain & Seal Experts Fence & Deck Stains are commercial grade oil based stains & sealers for the next generation — premium quality stains and sealers that last without containing harmful carcinogenic solvents.

Eco-Friendly, Non-Carcinogenic, Easy to Apply, and Premium Quality Made to Last!

We found that most other stains and sealers in the marketplace use low quality paint pigments which require solvents which simply do not pass the test of time and are harmful to the environment and your health.

A high VOC stain can gas-off carcinogens into your backyard for months. VOCs are deadly when inhaled.

Now, more than ever, people want a product that lasts that will do no harm to the environment or their health.

Stain & Seal Experts Fence & Deck Stains are formulated to protect you and the environment.

Setting a New Standard in Wood Finishes

We use high-quality automotive-grade pigments, a new generation of state of the art sealers, mildewcides and UV inhibitors to protect your investment. Our stains are made with a 100% paraffin oil base which is the best and safest way to preserve wood.

Our eco-friendly low VOC stains never gas-off in your backyard near your family, they are easy to clean up, and they provide a superior level of protection without the harmful side effects.

And we do all of this WITHOUT carcinogenic solvents.

When you use our stains and sealers, you will get premium quality while maintaining ultra low VOC levels which is healthier for the environment and your family.

Our stains are easy to apply, never streak, run, or leave lap marks… making our stains truly the easiest to apply in the market.

The best application method is to use an airless sprayer and to apply a flood coat, which means to spray the board until it stops absorbing. The excess will bead up and run off without causing streak marks.

Stain & Seal Experts stains are made for contractors, however, they’re so easy to use, anyone can apply them like an expert. That is why we are trusted by thousands of homeowners and contractors alike.

Our stains can be used on fencing, decking, pergolas, siding, log cabins, and interior tongue and groove applications.  Our stains are also great for pre-finishing and pre-staining your lumber, because when you use our stain, boards can be stacked while stain is still wet.


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