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What is the Best Saw to Cut Metal Fence?


Cutting metal fences can be a tricky task if you don’t have the right tools. Using the wrong saw can lead to slow, inaccurate, and frustrating cuts. With so many saw options on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to determine which saw is best for cutting metal fence material. In this article, we’ll compare the pros and cons of various saws to help you decide which is the best saw for efficiently and cleanly cutting metal fence rails, posts, and more.

Key Factors When Selecting a Metal Cutting Saw

Before jumping into the specific saws, here are some of the main factors to think about first:

  • Metal thickness – Is your fencing thin gauge or thick sturdy material? Match saw cutting depth capabilities accordingly.
  • Power requirements – Thicker and harder metals require more powerful saw motors. But added power increases size and safety considerations.
  • Cut precision needs – Some saws excel at straight smooth cuts, while others are better for rough cutting.
  • Portability considerations – If working in tight spaces, a compact saw is best. Cordless is ideal for job site mobility.
  • Safety features – Metal cutting generates sparks and debris. Seek appropriate guards, low kickback designs, and other safety-minded features.
  • Blade design – Tooth pattern, width, and material impact performance. Ensure the saw uses blades optimized for metal.

Keeping those factors in mind, let’s look at how common metal cutting saws compare.

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Benefits of a Circular Saw for Metal Fence Cutting

One of the most popular options for cutting metal fence is the circular saw. Some key advantages:

  • Cuts thin to medium gauge metal quickly and accurately. Great for straight cuts in fence framework.
  • Very portable. Lightweight and compact for easy maneuvering on the job site.
  • Spinning circular blade leaves smooth burr-free edges on thinner metals.
  • Affordable price point. Basic models start at around $50.

Downsides to consider are limitations cutting thicker material and increased safety precautions needed around the exposed spinning blade. But for cutting common metal fence gauges, circular saws provide an efficient, budget-friendly choice.

When to Use a Reciprocating Saw on Metal Fence

Reciprocating saws use a back and forth cutting motion and are ideal when you need to power through thicker metal. Benefits include:

  • Can cut metal up to 1/2″ thick thanks to aggressive blade movement.
  • Various blade size and tooth options for customizing cutting performance.
  • Compact and lightweight. Easy for close-up work in tight fence areas.
  • Same affordable price point as circular saws.

The trade-off is rougher cuts requiring more cleanup work. And slower cut speeds compared to circular saws. But when brute cutting force is needed, a reciprocating saw is a great choice.

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Angle Grinder for Extremely Thick and Sturdy Metal Fence

If you need to cut extremely thick, sturdy metal fencing, an angle grinder with a cut-off wheel is the most heavy-duty option.

  • Can cut through the thickest fence posts and framing other saws can’t handle.
  • Powerful cutting force makes quick work even of hardened steel.
  • Compact size for maneuverability in tight spots.
  • Inexpensive for such robust cutting capabilities.

Be prepared for messy cuts, safety precautions related to debris, and cutting wheel changes. Not ideal for precision work, but angle grinders muscle through metal few other portable saws can.

Jigsaw for Accurate Cuts in Thinner Metal Fencing

While not the fastest metal cutter, jigsaws provide a nice blend of precision and convenience:

  • Makes accurate cuts with easier line following and curve cutting ability.
  • Thin blades minimize burring on thinner gauge metals.
  • Lower debris and sparks than other saws improves safety.
  • Affordable for most occasional home fence cutting needs.

The gentle cutting action does limit jigsaw abilities on thicker materials though. Best reserved for thinner gauge metal fence work where precision is important.

Key Usage Tips When Cutting Metal Fence

Once you’ve selected the best saw for your particular fencing project, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use proper blades designed for cutting metal. This improves performance and blade life.
  • Work slowly to avoid overheating blades which degrades cutting ability.
  • Apply light pressure and let the blade do the work, forcing it causes premature wear.
  • Support materials near the cut to minimize vibration that leads to rougher cuts.
  • Allow saw to reach full speed before contacting the fence to start a clean cut.
  • Safety first! Wear eye protection, work gloves, and consider hearing and breathing protection.

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Which Saw is Best for Cutting Metal Fence?

For most homeowners, a good all-purpose saw for cutting metal fence materials is a reciprocating saw or circular saw. Both offer a balance of cutting power, speed, and portability. For very straight, precise cuts, step up to a chop saw. And for curved cuts, a jigsaw is ideal.

The thickness and types of metal fence components you need to cut will also help determine the best saw. As you cut, be sure to use the proper blades, wear safety gear, and follow safe sawing techniques. With the right saw and skills, you can take on any metal fence cutting job with confidence.

However, picking the right saw for your metal fencing needs will make cutting projects safer and easier. Evaluating power requirements, precision needs, blade options, and expected usage will lead you to the best metal cutting saw choice. With the proper saw and safety precautions, you can take on metal fence cutting jobs with confidence.

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