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What You Should Expect in a Proper Wood Fence Installation?


Installing a wood fence around your home is an exciting project that can bring major curb appeal while also providing security, privacy, and functionality like keeping pets safe. However, fence installation is also an investment that you’ll have to live with for years. Getting it done properly from the planning stages through the finishing touches ensures you’ll enjoy your new wood fence for decades to come. 

So what exactly should you expect when getting a wood privacy fence installed? Let’s go through the major phases.

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What To Expect in a Wood Fence Installation?

Getting Accurate Measurements

Before even thinking about materials and styles, a fence company will first do an on-site evaluation and take precise measurements of your property lines and desired fencing area. A proper installation depends wholly on getting every inch correct at this first stage—an inaccurate quote leads to headaches down the road. Using professional-grade laser measurement tools, an experienced installer will account for any unique angles, sloped yards, pre-existing structures, and landscaping that need working around. 

Design Consultation

Next comes the fun part: picking the right fence height, style, materials, and accessories to suit your family’s needs and design tastes. You’ll choose from wood types like cedar and redwood; board size and spacing; post size and spacing; and gates and hardware. Good fence companies have design specialists who can evaluate your property’s unique requirements and recommend finishes aligned with your home. Going into the installation, you should feel great about how seamlessly the new wood boundary will complement your exterior spaces.

Clearing the Area

Now the physical work begins! After marking layouts based on your approved design, the team will clear and prep the installation site. This involves removing vegetation or debris via digging and thorough cleaning to create flat, even surfaces for setting posts and erecting the boards. Proper prep work establishes a stable area, so nothing compromises the structural integrity or aesthetics of the finished fence. It’s dirty work but essential.

Setting the Posts 

The posts are the foundation, the backbone that ensures the fence stands straight, looks uniform, and resists sagging over decades of use. For sturdy wood privacy fences, seasoned professionals sink posts at least 2 feet into concrete holes spaced according to your area’s freeze line and soil conditions. In frost zones, extra depths and widths add stability against freeze-thaw cycles actively heaving thick wooden posts. Galvanized steel post spikes further prevent uplift. Posts should line up precisely in all directions—verification requires a level and measuring tape.

Attaching Rails and Pickets

Now the fun part takes shape! Installing rails and pickets between posts completes your enclosure. For wood privacy fences, the team secures vertical boards to horizontal rails spanning between posts using galvanized fasteners. Proper new fence installations position pickets tight enough to prevent sagging yet allow seasonal expansion and contraction of wood without buckling. With quality workmanship and materials, you’ll enjoy uniform spacing and boards that align precisely from end-to-end and top-to-bottom of your fence.

Gates and Hardware 

Gates need special attention as high-traffic weak points. Hinge and latch hardware securely mounts onto robust gateposts that maintain shape despite regular use. Depending on the style, gates may have welded internal frames for maximized stability. A pro fence crew ensures gates hang true, latch firmly, swing smoothly, and come equipped with proper locking mechanisms. Any entry should meld cohesively with fencing for beautiful curb appeal.

Finishing Touches 

Finally, it’s vital not to ignore small details that elevate installation quality for both aesthetics and durability. In cedar or redwood, a clear water sealant on all sides of cut wood prevents moisture damage, resisting cracks and wood rot over time. For added charm, matching decorative caps dress post tops. Grading and clearing debris around the fence perimeter enhances neat landscaping. A due inspection looks for gaps, uneven spacing, or sagging needing correction to meet quality standards.

Verification and Clean-Up

Before the crew packs up, reputable fencing contractors verify client satisfaction through a final walkthrough. You should feel great that the project fulfills all agreed performance, longevity, and design. expectations Crews handle full site clean-up, hauling away materials and tools—leaving no traces they were there except for your gorgeous new wood boundary!

What About Warranties and Permits?

Throughout the process, the best providers oversee securing any needed building permits, calling in utility line locations, and adhering to local zoning ordinances related to fence height and other codes. Reputable companies back their workmanship with written guarantees should any defects occur. Know policies for repairs, parts replacements, removals, and more before signing contracts.

Living Happily Ever After! 

Following proper planning, prep, installation, inspection, and clean-up processes leads to wood fences built to impress for generations. As seasons and years pass, components remain uniformly aligned with consistent spacing and rigidity. Your family enjoys lasting privacy, security, animal containment, and aesthetic enhancement thanks to expert installation by a company focused on meticulous fences made to last. For modern, high-quality wood or metal fence installations in the area, contact Perimtec and request a custom quote today!


What kind of gates should I install?

The most popular gate types are single-walk gates to allow pedestrian access and double-drive gates for larger vehicle access. Consider the gate’s purpose when selecting size and hardware. Gates should be as sturdy as the rest of the fence line and equipped with quality hinges and latches for security, smooth operation, and visual appeal.

How much spacing between fence boards is normal?

For wood privacy fences, spacing between 3/8 and 1/2 inches looks most uniform. Gaps should follow consistent intervals along and between boards. Allowances enable seasonal expansion/contraction of wood while preventing unsightly bowing and warping over time. Proper construction creates fences with straight, parallel boards.

What is the benefit of pressure-treated posts?

Infusing pressure-treated wooden posts with preservatives under intense pressure is how we protect against rot, decay, and insect damage. This protects against rot, decay, and insect damage. Posts leveraging pressure-treating last longer in direct ground contact, which is essential for supporting heavy fence structures. Going this route adds longevity compared to untreated posts.

Should I stain or seal my new fence?

Staining adds color for decorative flair while sealing protects against moisture, mildew, and sun damage. Fence stain comes in natural wood tones to bold solid colors. Sealing is essential for preservation but doesn’t affect appearance. Sealants penetrate wood pores. Reapply sealant every 2-3 years as needed to prevent cracking. Stained fences need cleaning and re-staining every 4-5 years.

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