Designer Metal Fence Panels

We’re excited to introduce you to one of the most innovative modern fencing materials on the market today… designer metal fence panels!

Build a gorgeous metal privacy fence  for your home or commercial property with metal fence panels available in a variety of style and color options.

With these panels, you get the durability and strength of corrugated, galvanized steel combined with a 40-year painted finish that looks like wood, rust, moss or galvalume.

These metal fence panels are made in the USA and pair perfectly with our DIY metal frame fence kits to create a fence that will last decades.

Designer metal panels can also be combined with a wood frame fence to build a wood and metal fence that offers total privacy.


View pricing for a customized fence. Our Instant Quote calculator provides instant online pricing for your designer metal fence.


Designer Metal Fence - Vintage Pine

Vintage Pine

Designer Metal Fence - Vintage Pine

Dark Wood

Designer Metal Fence - Vintage Pine


Designer Metal Fence - Vintage Pine

Corten Rust

Designer Metal Fence - Vintage Pine

Corten Moss


What is the metal panel made from?

Each metal panel is made from galvanized steel and is painted with a unique process that creates the appearance of different textures like wood grain, rust and moss. The special coatings are baked on for durability.

What is the warranty for each panel?
Designer metal fence panels come with a 40-year manufacturer’s warranty on the coating.

How are the panels mounted inside your fence system?

Metal panels are held in place by slipping into our U-channel fence frame. Mastic or silicone sealant is applied between panels during installation. Each panel needs to be bolted to the frame to avoid movement within the frame. Watch video below for details.

Can designer metal panels be mounted inside a wood or vinyl frame fence?

Yes! You can build your fence with a wood or vinyl frame and mount the designer metal panels inside the frame. Some property owners mount them along backer rails as well. As long as the panels are supported with a ridge framework, you’re good to go.

What is are the panel dimensions?

Each corrugated panel has a 3/4″ depth profile and a 30″ wide coverage area. Panels need to be overlapped by at least one rib.

How do you install Designer Metal fence panels?

Please watch video below to see view installation process, or download step-by-step installation instructions


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