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More Secure – Longer Lasting

The Most Versatile Fence System in the World!

The FenceTrac® fence system…

A metal frame fence kit that utilizes “TRAC” rails between metal posts. Select nearly any type of infill to create the exact look you want.

To install, simply slide the infill – wood, vinyl, metal, composite or any other flat materials – securely into U-channel rails creating a strong fence that lasts longer than a traditional privacy fence.

Ideal for Homes, HOA Perimeters, Commercial Privacy, Unique Fencing, Enclosures & More

Perimtec 20-Yr Warranty

Perimtec serves property owners, contractors and building product suppliers.

As worldwide master distributor for FenceTrac products, Perimtec offers the best prices direct to home owners and property owners. We also partner with select resellers and fence installers to serve the unique needs of individual customers or market areas.

Why FenceTrac is Fantastic

Simple Assembly

Easy to install. No need for boxes of nails. Set up the tracks and slide in the infill material.

Versatile Look

A better looking fence. Select horizontal, wood, composite, steel, vinyl, stucco and more.

Low Maintenance

A stronger fence stands longer. If something is damaged, it can easily be repaired or replaced.

Long Lasting

Lasts years longer than a traditional wood fence. Better value for a better fence.

Fence Financing

FenceTrac Panel Assembly

FenceTrac Panel Assembly Detail

Happy Customers & Partners

FenceTrac is unique for a few reasons. It uses steel posts instead of wood that can rot and decay. It also has a steel frame, so you don’t see warping or twisting that you would usually see in a typical wood fence. The thing I like the most is that you can choose whatever material you’d like to fill the frame. Whatever is good for your style or home, FenceTrac allows us to find something to fit it.

Joe Everest

Owner, Ozark Fence

We love selling the FenceTrac system to our customers. They are always excited to a have a fence made to last a long time with a beautiful look on both sides.

Ranchers Pipe and Steel

We’ve used the FenceTrac System for several of our housing developments. The clean look is perfect for perimeter fencing and entrances. Because the frame and post are metal, they will last for many years to come.

Rick Dodson

President, Dodson & Associates

We recommend FenceTrac to all our customers who need a privacy fence. FenceTrac really makes a big difference to projects we construct, whether it is commercial, residential or landscaping. FenceTrac compliments it all.

Hamilton Construction

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