Build a Wood and Metal Fence (The Easy Way)

If you’re looking to build a wood and metal fence.

Wood & Metal FenceThat’s great!

Because we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Building a new fence using a combination of wood and metal is an excellent way to beautify your backyard.

While at the same time – increasing the value of your home.

With modern advancements in fence materials and fence design:

You can build an awesome looking privacy fence easier than you can build the old traditional wooden fence.

Let’s dive right in.

Wood & Metal Fence Design Options

By combining wood and metal materials to build your fence, your privacy fence design options are endless.

While most wood and metal fences use not-so-good-looking “playground” posts…

Galvanized Metal Fence Posts

…there is a better way!

Check this out.

Modern Horizontal Privacy Fence Stained Wood Metal Frame

The union of a sleek black metal fence frame combined with warm wood for infill creates something truly unique.

And eye-catching!

This new look is one of the hottest trends in fence design.

And while these metal fence kits generally come in black…

Homeowners (and fence builders) sometimes want their own color to create that unique look.

Privacy Fence System

Just make sure.

If you’re DIY painting the frames – use a paint product that is made for outdoor, metal applications to ensure longevity.

For wood infill options, there’s no limit!

Cedar, cypress, teak, Ipe, pine (and even bamboo) can be used to create an ingenious, unique look.

What’s more.

Wood can be stained, left natural, spaced, overlapped and more.

For a super custom look, use different sized boards with a seemingly random pattern.

Utilizing wood and metal frame fence panel kits to build the fence is an easy way to save time and effort on installation.

We’ll talk more about that later.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Fence Layout

How do you want your wood and metal fence to look?

While in the past, most privacy fence boards were place vertically….

Horizontal fence design is quickly becoming the preferred layout for the modern fence installs.

Privacy Fence Rough Wood With Cap

Aligning boards horizontally gives an older home a new look and provides a great privacy option.

Don’t want gaps in the fence?

For a gap-free fence installation use tongue and groove boards that fit together to close gaps.

Tongue & Groove Cedar Pickets

If you’re good with gaps.

Create a semi-private fence by placing spacers in between some or all of the boards.

That looks great too.

One thing to keep in mind.

A horizontal fence can cost a little more since wind load requirements suggest posts be set at 6-foot spans instead of 8-foot.

But, as a general rule a horizontal fence is a stronger fence.

Want to go vertical?

No problem.

Bamboo Pool Privacy Fence Design

For some properties that might look best.

And with a wood and metal fence.

Vertical pickets look great too!

Vertical alignment of boards offers the advantage of utilizing a wider span between posts, reducing costs and installation time.

Privacy Fence Under Construction

When building a wood and metal fence, you can easily select either fence orientation to create the exact look you want.

Now let’s talk about posts.

Wood Posts vs. Metal Posts

If you’re on a tight budget, wood posts may be your only option.


Wood posts cost less than metal.

The downside to building a fence with wood posts is that you’ll likely need to replace the fence in 7-10 years.

Here’s the deal:

Wood posts rot.

Rotten Wood Fence Post

Metal posts last way longer (sometimes decades) than wood because don’t rot or warp.

So if you consider the lifetime of your fence (or many wood fences).

You likely save money with metal over time.

Metal fence posts also ensure lower maintenance cost throughout the upcoming years.

Metal fence posts aren’t affected by insects like termites and they hold up to lawn equipment (like a line trimmer) far better than an ordinary wood post.

How long do your fence posts need to be?

Metal Fence Posts Embedded into Concrete

Since most standard fences are either 4-feet, 6-feet or 8-feet in height…

…posts must be purchased with adequate length to be set firmly in the ground and within building codes.

As a general rule –  to determine depth of your fence post – add half of the height of the fence.

Therefore a 6-foot high fence would have posts set 3-feet in the ground.

Whether you choose wood posts or metal posts –

Be sure you understand the requirements and recommendations for depth of post holes for your specific location.

Soil conditions, fence height, wind loads, and local municipal requirements all play a role in determining post length.

Even the best materials, if not installed properly, may cause unnecessary problems down the road.

And you don’t want that.

Alternatives to a Wood & Metal Fence

If you don’t love wood… that’s cool.

There are alternatives to wood and metal fencing.

If you stick with a strong metal fence frame…

Your infill options are limitless.

Vinyl & Metal Fence

Vinyl is a popular choice for fence infill.

Gray PVC Wood Look Fence

One great advantage to a vinyl fence is that it does not have to be painted or stained regularly.

And vinyl comes in a variety of colors and textures.

Composite & Metal Fence

Another material option for a new privacy fence is composite.

Composite materials offer strength and lower maintenance alternatives to wood.

Privacy Fence with Composite Wood

And while composite fencing materials are often more expensive than wood – they can be a good choice for the right application.

All Metal Fence

Why not really think outside the box…

Corrugated Metal Privacy Fence

And use corrugated metal for your fence.

In the right setting, it looks great!

Want to see more backyard fence ideas?

Planning Your Wood & Metal Fence

A wood and metal fence is a great investment!

To create a truly unique fence design with lasting durability…

More homeowners are using metal fence posts and frame kits.

Combined with wood, vinyl, composite, bamboo, or some other material.

FenceTrac Privacy Fence on Retaining Wall

Whatever your choice in fence materials, always make sure:

  • That you know your property line boundaries
  • Check you local building codes
  • Call to have underground lines located
  • And plan your fence project thoroughly before digging

Time spent planning will save time (and headaches) in the future.

We’ve Got Wood & Metal Fence Kits

If you like what you see here, check out our big gallery of more wood & metal fences.

Ready to build your fence?

We’ve got you covered!

A simple solution to build a wood and metal fence…

Perimtec offers FenceTrac metal frame fence kits available in black or custom color options.

Assembly Diagram

Watch this video to see how the system goes together.

Your complete fence package comes with fence posts, frames, gates and infill. (Or you can use your own infill)

Save a ton of time and a lot of hassle by ordering a fence kit from us.

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