Metal Gate Frame Kits

Metal Frame Fence Gate KitPerimtec supplies metal gate frame kits to property owners for DIY fence gate projects…

…and to fencing professionals who want to add a modern gate design to their next fence installation.

Our gate kits come with everything you need for building a fence gate designed to fit the style of your property.

Our modern-looking black metal gate includes a channel into which you can add nearly any type of infill material to complete the look of your new gate.

Pair the gate frame with stained wood, PVC, composite, corrugated metal, welded wire or any type of light-weight rigid material to build a gate with the exact look you want.

It works perfectly for a metal & wood gate, a metal & bamboo gate, a metal & vinyl gate or any gate design you wish. Let’s take a closer look. 

The Problem With Ordinary Gates

Old Wood Side Gate
Old Wood Double Gate
Old Wooden Yard Gate

Ordinary Gates Just Don’t Last Very Long

The typical gate you see mounted to a wall or fence is often made entirely out of wood or wood with a flimsy metal frame.

The fact is… these gates just do not last long. It’s not uncommon to see the gate sagging or rotting within 5-7 years after installation.

With that, you may need to replace or repair the gate several times over.

With our gate system, you can build a gate that stands the test of time.

Our metal gate frames feature heavy-duty aluminum construction along with durable components that create a better gate that lasts longer.

Check out some gates built with our gate kits… 


Where Our Gates Are Used

Use our gate kit to attach a new gate directly to masonry fences or walls.

Our gates pair wonderfully with concrete block walls, block fences, stone walls, slump block, CMU, stucco, stone and other types of masonry fences.

Or if you’re looking for a metal gate frame kit for your wood fence, you can add a new gate to your wooden backyard privacy fence.

We recommend metal posts to provide a sturdy foundation for mounting the gate, especially onto a wood fence.

Our gate kits are commonly used as a:  privacy fence gate, entry gate, house gate, yard gate, backyard gate, front yard gate, side yard gate, courtyard gate, walkway gate, wall gate or gate door.

Other applications include:  pool pump privacy gate, utility equipment access gate, dumpster enclosure gate, horse stall gate or agricultural use.

The strong aluminum frame design of our gate kits also makes them ideal for low-cost double driveway swing gates, which you can power with an automatic gate opener or leave it manually-operated for easy opening.

Or add a double fence gate to your privacy fence for easy access for your mower, boat, trailer, toys or other backyard items.


  • Fence Gate Cedar Kit

    4′ Tall Metal Frame DIY Fence Gate Kit

    From $691.04
  • Metal Frame Gate Kit Horizontal Vinyl

    6′ Tall Metal Frame DIY Fence Gate Kit

    From $878.08


Watch the video below to see how easy it is to assemble your fence gate frame kit. As always, we are available to answer any questions you may have.


Our fence gate kits are available in heights of 4-foot, 6-foot and 8-foot. We offer adjustable width gates up to 72-inches wide. Buy two gates to build a double gate up to 12-foot wide.

Gate kits are fabricated from heavy-duty aluminum, then coated with a heat-fused (baked-on) matte black power coating.

Your gate frame kit will include assembly hardware, latch and hinges that work equally well mounted to posts or to a wall.

Optional cedar wood infill is available. Other options include: steel posts and drop rods.

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