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NOTE: This selection requires you to cut frame width down to 5-foot to accomodate infill.

NOTE: This selection requires you to cut frame height down to 5-foot to accomodate infill.

CEDAR POLICY - With the current supply-chain constraints, we will no longer accept returns or provide free replacements for unsatisfactory milling of cedar boards. We will calculate a 3% overage for every cedar order to help offset this issue. Currently, this is being experienced nationwide and we apologize for the inconvenience. We have multiple other vinyl, composite, and metal infill options to choose from that are readily available. When standards return to historical norms, we will adjust our policy.

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4x6 Horizontal Cedar
4x6 Horizontal Metal
4x6 Horizontal PVC-Wood
4x6 Horizontal Composite
4x6 Horizontal Bamboo
4x6 Horizontal (No Infill)
4x6 Horizontal PVC-Solid
4x6 Vertical Cedar
4x6 Vertical Metal
4x6 Vertical PVC-Wood
4x6 Vertical Composite
4x6 Vertical Bamboo
4x6 Vertical (No Infill)
4x6 Vertical PVC-Solid
4x8 Horizontal Metal
4x8 Horizontal (No Infill)
4x8 Vertical Cedar
4x8 Vertical Metal
4x8 Vertical PVC-Wood
4x8 Vertical Composite
4x8 Vertical Bamboo
4x8 Vertical (No Infill)
4x8 Vertical PVC-Solid
6x6 Horizontal Cedar
6x6 Horizontal Metal
6x6 Horizontal PVC-Wood
6x6 Horizontal Composite
6x6 Horizontal Bamboo
6x6 Horizontal (No Infill)
6x6 Horizontal PVC-Solid
6x6 Vertical Cedar
6x6 Vertical Metal
6x6 Vertical PVC-Wood
6x6 Vertical Composite
6x6 Vertical Bamboo
6x6 Vertical (No Infill)
6x6 Vertical PVC-Solid
6x8 Horizontal Metal
6x8 Horizontal (No Infill)
6x8 Vertical Cedar
6x8 Vertical Metal
6x8 Vertical PVC-Wood
6x8 Vertical Composite
6x8 Vertical Bamboo
6x8 Vertical (No Infill)
6x8 Vertical PVC-Solid
8x6 Horizontal Cedar
8x6 Horizontal Metal
8x6 Horizontal PVC-Wood
8x6 Horizontal Composite
8x6 Horizontal Bamboo
8x6 Horizontal (No Infill)
8x6 Horizontal PVC-Solid
8x6 Vertical Metal
8x6 Vertical (No Infill)

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