Build an All Metal Privacy Fence (Without Welding)

Jun 3, 2019 | Fence Ideas, Metal Fence Ideas

If you’re looking for a new fence…

A metal privacy fence may be just what your property needs.

Fencing around a commercial property?

An all-metal privacy fence offers more security and more longevity than other common fence materials.

Fencing around a residential property?

A metal privacy fence can create a unique look and a more private barrier around your property.

The design possibilities with metal are limitless.

And today, we’ll show you a versatile fence system that can be installed without any welding.

Why Choose a Metal Privacy Fence?

Metal has been increasing in popularity as a privacy fence option in recent years.

Much of the demand has stemmed from commercial or industrial applications…

…while some homeowners are also choosing metal in lieu of wood, vinyl or composite.

Corrugated Metal Privacy Fence

Here are a few reasons why you might select metal for your privacy fence:

  • Metal creates a stronger barrier than wood or vinyl
  • Most metal fence panels offer complete privacy with no gaps
  • A metal fence can create a stronger deterrent to trespassers
  • Metal may last longer than wood or vinyl depending on your local climate
  • Metal looks better and more professional in certain property environments
  • Metal can be customized with paint or other unique design options
  • A metal privacy fence may be less costly than stone, brick or stucco fence options

When it comes down to it.

The fence you choose will depend on the look you desire, the function you need and the budget you have to invest in the project.

Metal Privacy Fence System

The key to building a metal privacy fence without welding…

…is the framework on which the fence is built.

You need a fence frame that can securely hold metal panels or metal slats in place.

Check out this black framed metal privacy fence built with our designer metal fence panels.

We carry several different texture and color combinations of this beautiful corrugated metal.

Light Wood Grain Corrugated Metal Fence Panels Black Frame

Now let’s take a look at the patented FenceTrac fence system featured in the photo above.

The FenceTrac fence system provides a strong U-channel fence panel frame that can hold varying types of corrugated or flat metal infill materials.

Here’s an empty frame with posts.

FenceTrac Commercial Privacy Fence Under Construction

So you can create the exact look you want for your fence.

Combined with metal fence posts, FenceTrac provides the structure you need to build a metal fence without welding.

In fact, each FenceTrac panel uses just four bolts for assembly and easily attaches to posts with self-tapping screws.

Let’s look at a few design options.

Metal Fence Designs

With a quick Google search for metal privacy fence, you’ll see a variety of panel design options and privacy fence ideas.


  • Corrugated galvanized steel panels
  • Distressed or rusted metal panels
  • Designer metal fence panels
  • Flat panel steel
  • Ribbed steel panels
  • Painted steel panels
  • Painted aluminum panels
  • Metal panels with decorative cutouts
  • Metal slats
  • Welded wire fence panels
  • Metal planks

…to name a few.

Check out this one-of-a-kind metal patio fence that incorporates decorative metal panels mounted inside a FenceTrac system.

Decorative Metal Fence

Here are a couple more photos of metal fences using our designer metal fence panels.

A metal fence with a dark wood grain look.

Dark Woodgrain Metal With Backer Rails

We also offer a designer metal panel that simulates the look of rusted metal.

The great thing about this panel is that it is galvanized, painted and covered by a 40-year manufacturer’s warranty.

So you get a rusted metal fence look in a fence that can last for decades!

Rust Look Corrugated Metal Fence Detail

Learn more about building a corrugated metal privacy fence.

Some of these panel materials are embedded into wood frames.

Some are attached to welded fence frames.

While others are completely custom welded-together creations.

Many people source metal panels locally or online.

Perimtec can help with metal fence panels as well.

If you need assistance with finding metal fence panels, don’t hesitate to ask us!

Metal Fence Frame Kits

The benefits of using a pre-fabricated metal fence frame kit are many…

Including — consistency, quality and speed of installation.

Here’s a close-up of the FenceTrac frame channels.

FenceTrac Channels

Each heavy-gauge steel channel is 3-inches deep and can accommodate infill materials up to 1-inch thick.

The frame kit consists of just four parts – two side rails, a bottom rail and a top rail.

The side rails attach to your metal posts.

While the top and bottom rails attach to the side rails with two bolts each.

Creating an enclosed U-channel frame…

…into which you can insert the infill material of your choice.

It’s simple. And very strong.

View FenceTrac specs ›

Build a Metal Privacy Fence

If you’re ready to plan a metal privacy fence, contact us.

Perimtec helps property owners build better looking privacy fences.

We offer complete kits, including metal fence posts, fence panel frames and optional infill materials.

FenceTrac fence systems are great for the do-it-yourselfer.

And for fence contractors who want to offer a better product.

Contact us if you’d like a quote or more information.

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