Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard fence heights?
4ft, 6ft and 8ft tall

How wide can you go with the fence kit?
6ft and 8ft depending on the direction of infill.

Can your fence system take any infill material?
Yes, it will take any infill up to 1 inch in thickness.

What size are your posts?
For residential jobs, we recommend 2.5 inch posts. For commercial jobs, we recommend 3 inch posts.

Can you install the fence on concrete?
Yes. The preferred installation method for mounting fence to concrete is to secure your posts in the ground with concrete. If that is not possible, we have alternate installation methods. The first would be to core drill through the existing concrete and backfill around each post. The second installation method would be to receive welded 6”x6” base plates and anchor bolt them into the concrete.

What colors are available for the fence kit?
The standard fence kit is coated with a textured matte black finish. However, we can do limited color options upon request.

How can I create gaps between the boards?
We have infill spacers that can create a 1 inch gap between the boards.

Can I cut the kits down myself?
Yes, you can onsite. Since you would be cutting through the powder coating, you must ensure that you seal the cuts with our touch up paint that can be included in your order.

What gate sizes are available?
Heights are 4ft, 6ft and 8ft. Gate widths are 6ft and 8ft and offer the ability to cut to fit onsite.

Can the gate kits be attached to something other than a post?
Yes, using our hardware the fence gate system can be attached to anything that is structurally sound.

Do contractors get a discount?
Yes, contact us for contractor pricing.

Can you help me find an installer in my area?
Yes. We prefer for you to receive a detailed fence estimate then we can get you in contact with an installer in your area.

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