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A Modern Approach

Modern Horizontal Fence DesignIf you are exploring horizontal fence designs for your new privacy fence…

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  • Modern horizontal fence design (including unique options)
  • How to frame your horizontal fence
  • How to select fence posts for your horizontal fence
  • Horizontal fence material options
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Design Ideas

For Horizontal Privacy Fences

What is a Horizontal Privacy Fence?

A horizontal privacy fence is a modern fence design that incorporates wood, vinyl, composite or some other type of infill material in a horizontal layout.

So that planks lay horizontally instead of vertically.

Horizontal fence design has become one of the hottest design trends in exterior architecture today.

And it’s here to stay.

Horizontal fences can be found on all types and sizes of residential and commercial properties.

Check out the beautiful rooftop fence on this downtown building.

Horizontal Fence on Rooftop

Here’s another view of the same horizontal slat fence.

What a great place to sit and chill after a long day.

This fence uses a steel fence frame and metal posts to hold horizontal wood slats in place.

Rooftop Horizontal Wood Metal Fence

Horizontal Fence Designs

Let’s look at some other horizontal fence designs…

Here is a very modern automatic fence gate using gray horizontal composite planks to create a unique commercial fence.

This fence gives the business a professional look and offers excellent security.

Heavy-duty Commercial Gate

Here is another horizontal fence with composite tongue and groove pickets.

It’s located outside a commercial building and shields some of the company’s equipment.

FenceTrac Dumpster Enclosure Composite & Metal Frame

The design for this horizontal fence uses surface mount metal posts.

Mounted to the concrete retaining wall next to this house.

We like the muted stained wood.

FenceTrac Privacy Fence on Retaining Wall

Here is another view…

…of the same horizontal fence from the backyard.

This fence also includes a yard gate.

FenceTrac Upscale Privacy Fence on Slope

Here are some small horizontal cedar plank enclosures.

For a pool pump and other utilities.

This hides the equipment and provides security as well.

Pool Pump Privacy Fence

Horizontal privacy fences offer true no-gap privacy for homeowners.

This horizontal privacy fence uses tongue and groove composite planks.

Neatly nested together to keep this yard completely hidden from the view of neighbors.

Privacy Fence with Composite Wood

Check out this nice little patio sitting area.

Looks comfortable and quiet.

Patio Privacy Fence

Here is a unique approach to horizontal fence design.

This fence includes stained cedar planks mounted in a metal frame with a wooden cap extending the full length of the fence.

Pretty cool.

Privacy Fence Rough Wood With Cap

We just love this fence.

Horizontal cedar planks contrasted with black metal fence posts and fence frame.

Wrapping in an arc around this backyard.

Curved Privacy Fence Horizontal Pickets

Horizontal Fence Design Gallery

Here is a collection of even more horizontal fence designs.

Horizontal fence design options are limited only by your imagination. In addition to richly stained wood color options, there are all kinds of materials available to design and build your horizontal privacy fence.

Now – let’s take a look at how to frame a horizontal fence.

How to Frame

A Horizontal Privacy Fence

When searching online for horizontal fence designs…

It’s likely you will see many privacy fence design ideas that are built completely from wood.

We’d like to show you a different, more modern approach to horizontal fence design.

The fence below is under construction, and it’s built using one of our innovative FenceTrac metal frame fence systems.

Horizontal Fence Under Construction

FenceTrac is a metal frame fence system that makes it easy to build a horizontal privacy fence.

Here’s a FenceTrac frame system – prior to fence infill materials being placed.

Metal Frame Wood Fence Fence Under Construction

This horizontal fence frame kit…

…includes U-channels in each span between posts – designed to hold nearly any type of infill materials.

You simply mount side channels to each post, then slide the materials into place from top to bottom.

No nails or screws necessary.

Here’s how it works.

Horizontal Fence Frame Kits

FenceTrac is a metal frame fence system that not only looks fantastic but makes it super easy to build your horizontal privacy fence.

The FenceTrac system includes a steel channel fence frame kit that allows you to insert infill materials (up to 1-inch thick) into the fence frame and securely hold it in place.

Here is a quick video that shows how the system goes together.

A Superior Horizontal Fence Design

What makes FenceTrac better?

There many are things.

A FenceTrac fence is better-looking, stronger, lasts longer, and is easier to assemble for DIY fence builders and contractors alike.

Its heavy-duty metal frame includes industrial coatings and will out last a wood fence by many times.

Best Horizontal Fence Design

Another big advantage to using a FenceTrac system to build your horizontal fence is this:

You can create a true no-gaps fence to block out all prying eyes.

Fence materials are prone to expansion and contraction with the weather.

Some fence materials can expand, while others shrink quite a bit (especially wood).

As wood gets older and dries out over time, it shrinks.

And when wood shrinks, it creates gaps between pickets.

Old Fence With Gaps

When you build a horizontal fence with FenceTrac…

…The horizontal planks nested inside FenceTrac’s channel frame can move.

Because planks are not fastened with screw or nails.

This is a great thing because normally when nailed fence materials expand, the fence warps. 

When they shrink, the fence has gaps.

When mounted horizontally, each piece can move with gravity as the weather changes.

So pickets can stay together as shrinkage occurs.

This is not possible with traditional wood fences that use nails to attach every board.

We recommend using tongue and groove planks for the most privacy.

Red Cedar Tongue & Groove Fence Pickets

Tongue and groove fence materials fit together to create no gaps.

They also help prevent warping.

Wood Posts vs. Metal Posts

You may have heard about the problems with modern wood fence posts.

It’s no secret that when a fence fails, it’s usually because the fence posts fail first.

Leaving the fence vulnerable to lean, warp, or simply blow over in the wind.

It’s been said that the average wood fence post rots away in 7-10 years.

Rotted Wood Fence Post

That’s because.

Today’s fence posts aren’t made like they used to be.

Here’s why. Before 2003, pressure-treated wood was treated with chromated copper arsenate, a preservative and pesticide that extended the life of wood quite significantly.

However, the use of chromated copper arsenate as wood treatment was banned by the EPA, because it created a potential source of arsenic exposure.

Since the use arsenic was banned in the manufacture of wood fence posts, the life expectancy of traditional wood fence posts dropped dramatically.

That’s why you really need to use metal fence posts if you want a long-lasting fence.

Metal Fence Posts Composite Pickets

Metal fence posts can easily last for decades.

Which means when you make the investment to use a metal post and frame system for your new horizontal fence…

…You’ll have a fence that could last up to four times longer than an ordinary fence with wood posts.

Material Options

For Horizontal Privacy Fences

The FenceTrac metal frame fence system accommodates any type of infill materials up to 1-inch thick.

Here are a few ideas you can consider when you build your new horizontal fence:

Western Red Cedar • Wood Slats • Composite Planks • Tongue & Groove Pickets • Vinyl Pickets • PVC Pickets • Metal Slats • Metal Pipes • Welded Wire • Stained Wood • Bamboo • Ipe • Cumaru • Tigerwood • Corrugated Metal • Hardie Board • Redwood • Cypress • Painted Wood • Metal Cables • Textured Vinyl • Faux Brick or Stone • Lattice Accents

Pickets, boards, and panels can be mounted horizontally or vertically, depending on the look you want.

Fence frame kits are available in 4-foot, 6-foot or 8-foot heights and in panel widths of 6-foot or 8-foot.

Here are a few more horizontal fence design ideas.

Unique Horizontal Fence Designs

Unique Horizontal Fence Design - Painted Wood

Horizontal Fence Painted Wood

Unique Horizontal Fence Designs - Metal Slats

Horizontal Fence Metal Slats

Unique Horizontal Fence Designs - Dark Wood

Horizontal Fence Dark Wood Slats

Corrugated Metal Fence Panel - Horizontal

Horizontal Fence Corrugated Metal

Unique Horizontal Fence Design - Orange Metal Ribbed Panels

Horizontal Fence Orange Slats

Horizontal Fence Composite Planks

Horizontal Fence Composite Planks

Horizontal Fence Design - Faux Brick Panel

Horizontal Fence Faux Brick

Unique Horizontal Fence Design - Stone Veneer

Horizontal Fence Stone Veneer

Unique Horizontal Fence Designs - Metal Vent Louvers

Horizontal Fence Metal Louvers

In conclusion – thank you for reading our horizontal fence design guide. We wish you the best on your next fence project!

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