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How to Fix a Sagging Gate


A sagging gate is an eyesore and can cause all sorts of functionality issues. If your gate is starting to droop, don’t despair. With a few tools and DIY know-how, you can get it looking and working like new again.

Fixing a sagging gate is often simpler than it appears. In most cases, it comes down to tightening loose screws, realigning hinges, resetting posts, or swapping out warped boards. With routine maintenance, you can stop the gate sag before it even starts.

Ready to stop that annoying gate sag in its tracks? Let’s look at some common causes of gate sag and the steps you can take to remedy them. With a steady hand and these gate repair tips, you’ll have that fence line looking crisp in no time.

Diagnosing Gate Sag

Before diving into repairs, it helps to understand exactly what’s causing your gate to sag. Start by examining the sagging area closely and take note of a few key things:

  • Are the sagging hinges loose at all? Look for gaps indicating loose screws.
  • Do the gate posts seem to be leaning? Use a level to check.
  • Is the gate itself crooked or warped? Inspect each edge.

Noticing where the sag is coming from helps narrow down the best solutions. Now let’s look at how to implement them.

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Tightening Loose Gate Hinges

Often a sagging gate just needs some simple hinge tightening to get back into shape. Loose hinges are one of the most common culprits behind a droopy gate.

Step-by-Step for Tightening Hinges

Grab a screwdriver and tighten up any hinge screws that have loosened over time. Be careful not to strip the screws by over-tightening. Just get them snugly set in place.

This quick tightening trick will lift the gate and often take care of a slight sag. But if there’s still major sagging, the hinges themselves likely need alignment.

Realigning Gate Hinges

If your gate hinges are attached in a way that allows sagging, realigning them can make a huge difference:

How to Realign Gate Hinges

  1. Remove all hinge screws and detach the gate. Have helpers support its weight.
  2. Position the gate correctly and use shims to hold it in the right alignment.
  3. Mark new hinge positions on the post.
  4. Drill pilot holes for the screws.
  5. Reattach hinges in the new position.
  6. Tighten screws fully to secure the gate.

With the hinges realigned to better support the gate’s weight, the sag should disappear.

Resetting Leaning Gate Posts

In some cases, the gate post itself starts to lean, causing the gate to sag. Resetting leaning posts is an effective solution.

Uprighting Tilting Gate Posts

  1. Dig out any concrete form around the posts.
  2. Shore up the gate temporarily with bracing.
  3. Use a level to position posts perfectly vertically.
  4. Pour fresh concrete around posts to hold them in place.

Once concrete cures, the posts will stand firmly upright, taking the gate sag out of the equation.

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Swapping Out Warped Gate Boards

Over time, the wooden boards of the gate itself can warp or twist out of shape, leading to an uneven, sagging appearance.

How to Replace Warped Gate Boards

  1. Unscrew and remove any warped gate boards.
  2. Cut replacement boards to size.
  3. Pre-drill holes to prevent splitting.
  4. Attach new boards with exterior screws.
  5. Caulk around boards for a weathertight seal.

With fresh new boards installed, the gate will once again sit flat and even.

Stopping Gate Sag Before It Starts

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to gate sag. With routine maintenance and inspection, you can catch issues before major sagging occurs.

Gate Maintenance Tips

  • Tighten hinge screws every 6 months.
  • Check that gate posts are plumb yearly.
  • Apply protective paint/sealer to wood.
  • Oil hinges annually.

With proper gate care, you can keep that entryway looking pristine for years to come!

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