Metal Frame Fence Kits

ACANEVARI C DREAMSCAPEDESIGNCO 1 E1683045034437Say goodbye to the ordinary wood fence… and say hello to a better fence system.

FenceTrac is a metal frame fence system that offers unparalleled strength and unlimited options to create the exact look you want.

Metal Posts & Frame + Any Infill = Beautiful Fence

With FenceTrac, you create your own fence style. Just insert any infill into the metal fence frame…

red cedar, corrugated metal, bamboo, welded wire, composite, vinyl, PVC, hardie board, metal screen, wood rails or anything else

…to create a unique fence that matches the aesthetics of your property. And, it lasts years longer than an ordinary wooden fence.


Simple & fast assembly. Infill materials slide into U-shaped rails. There is no need for hundreds of nails, screws, etc.

Typical installations require just (4) bolts per panel & self-tapping screws to attach Post Trac siderails to each post. (Hardware included)

Fence maintenance is a breeze. If a piece of infill material gets damaged, simply remove the top rail and slide the old piece out and the new piece in. When using standard FenceTrac, we recommend tongue & groove infill to provide the most strength and privacy.

The standard fence kit includes: (1) Top Trac, (1) Bottom Trac, (2) Post Trac siderails (for post mount) and hardware to assemble metal components. Top & bottom rails are available in 72″ or 96″ lengths. Siderails are available to accommodate 48″, 72″ or 96″ panel heights.

FenceTrac’s patented U-channel metal fence frames are formed from galvanized 18 ga. steel for superior strength and durability. Trac mounting points include slotted holes for easy field alignment and assembly.

Powder Coat Finish

FenceTrac comes in with a durable textured matte black powder coat finish consisting of a multi-stage pre-treatment/wash (with zinc phosphate) followed by a duplex cathodic electrocoat system consisting of TGIC polyester powder coat, providing an industrial, weather-resistant finish.



We offer complete metal frame fence kits including: metal fence posts, hinges, gates and other hardware needed to build your fence. We also provide custom gates built for your specific requirements. View standard metal gate frame kits for DIY assembly.

Steel Fence Posts

Heavy-duty steel fence posts are available from 2″ to 4″ square in black, bronze, tan, white, or un-painted galvanized steel. Posts include flush mount post cap.


Gate Frames

Gate kits are available in standard heights ranging from 4′ to 8′ tall in standard widths ranging from 30″ to 72″ wide. Custom rolling gates available up to 30′ wide.


Gate Gallery

Hinge & Hardware Options

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