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Yard Gates (A Kit to Design & Build Your Own)

This post will show you how build a yard gate in the exact style you want…

…by using a metal gate frame kit combined with wood, vinyl, metal, bamboo or the infill of your choice.

This yard gate kit is used by thousands of contractors and DIY property owners across the nation to build durable and beautiful gates that stand the test of time.

An adjustable metal frame provides strength, stability and elegance, while the gate’s infill adds beauty and dimension to create the overall look of the gate.

Perfect for your commercial or residential property.

Let’s take a closer look.


What is a Yard Gate?

A yard gate is a type of fence gate typically mounted to secure an opening in a stone or concrete wall or some other type of masonry fence – providing front yard, side yard or backyard access.

Often installed on a walkway (sometimes called a pedestrian gate), a yard gate creates a barrier that protects pets and children and provides security that keeps unwanted guests out.


Yard gates are commonly built from wood, metal, vinyl, bamboo or some combination of these materials.

And while cheap metal yard gates can be found at big box home improvement stores…

…or built from wood by a handyman – typical gates often don’t last very long.

We’ve all seen cheap gates that look like this.


They usually fall apart within a decade.

If you’re going to install a new gate, you might as well make it a great one.

A high-quality yard gate has the potential to significantly improve the curb appeal of your property.

Plus, better gates often outlast lower quality gates with a service life that’s 3-4 times longer.

Check out this beautiful horizontal metal and wood walkway gate…

…built using the gate kit we’ll explore further in this post.


This gate is attached to a short house fence section mounted to brick.

Your gate could be install in this fashion or mounted directly to your wall opening.

In addition to yards, these gates work great in a neighborhood wall fence.

How to Build Your Own Yard Gate

If you’re building your own gate…

…we’d like to show you a gate kit that helps you build a better-looking and longer-lasting gate.

Our gate kits come with everything you need to build your own custom yard gate.

The design of this gate kit has been perfected over many years.

It includes a modern-looking black channel metal frame to encase the infill material of your choice.

All metal is coated with heat-fused (baked on) powder coating for longevity.

And the gate is completely adjustable to match the width you need.

We offer cedar and PVC infill materials, but some customers provide their own infill as well.

We’ve seen gates built with anything from welded wire to bamboo to corrugated metal to pipe and various types of composite materials.

Watch this gate assembly video to learn more about how the yard gate kit goes together.

Where You Can Use Your New Gate

Your new gate can be used anywhere you need to create a barrier.

Here are a few common applications for installing one of our gates:

Side yard gate • backyard gate • DIY yard gate • front yard gate • courtyard gate • backyard gate door • wooden yard gate • metal yard gate • yard gate door • house gate • entry gate.

Our gate can be mounted directly to your wall system or to metal posts.

If you’re looking for a wrought iron gate look, our gate system offers a great alternative.

As an option, we offer additional metal “H” channel metal fence pickets that can be used to create a gorgeous wood and metal gate.


With our gate kit, we’ve seen gates built from a wide variety of materials: slatted wood, wood & iron, welded wire, cattle panels, reclaimed wood, corrugated metal, ribbed metal, stone veneer panels, brick veneer panels, bamboo, wrought iron, Hardie board, metal screen, wood rails, black slats, white slats, metal sheets, metal panels, perforated metal, etched metal, lattice, wood pallets, barn wood, vinyl, composite, PVC.

If using wood, you can select the stain color of your choice.

Here are several photos to show you various fence gates and yard gates.

We wish you the best as you plan your yard gate project! We offer complete gate kits to make it easy to create a fantastic gate for your property.

We also offer complete fence systems using the same channel frame technology.

If we can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Build Your Gate With a Kit

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The innovative fencing system Perimtec offers lets you specify fence height and width, frame color, infill material, direction of infill material, and gate kit combinations.

The result?

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