Bamboo Privacy Fence

The Complete DIY Guide

Bamboo Privacy FenceIf you are researching how to build a bamboo privacy fence around your backyard or commercial property… this bamboo fencing guide is for you.

In this guide ›› you’re going to learn everything you need to know about:

  • Design ideas for bamboo fencing
  • How to frame a bamboo privacy fence
  • How to create bamboo fence panels
  • Where to buy rolled bamboo fencing
  • How to build a DIY bamboo fence
  • And a whole lot more

So let’s get right to it.

Design Ideas

For Bamboo Privacy Fences

What is a Bamboo Privacy Fence?

A bamboo privacy fence uses bamboo reeds as the primary fencing material.

Bamboo is arranged side-by-side and vertically into panels to create a privacy screen.

Due to the durable nature of bamboo, a well-maintained bamboo fence could last as long as 15-20 years.

Bamboo fencing can be found around backyards, pools, patios and sitting areas in both residential and commercial properties.

A bamboo privacy fence creates a very unique atmosphere.

Bamboo & Metal Privacy Fence


Let’s take a look at some bamboo fence design ideas.

Traditional bamboo fences are created entirely from bamboo.

Like the fence below.

You’ll notice that posts and horizontal rails are all bamboo and are tied together.

Traditional Bamboo Privacy Fence

This is a true traditional bamboo fence.


Is another look at an old-school bamboo fence.

Built with traditional methods.

Old Bamboo Fence

While this is a unique-looking fence.

This bamboo fence design does have some limitations.

The ties will eventually deteriorate requiring replacement.

In addition to that.

You can see the algae growth from ground moisture saturating the base of each bamboo reed.

That ground moisture will accelerate the deterioration of the bamboo itself and will shorten the fence’s life.

Modern Bamboo Privacy Fence Design

If you want to build a modern bamboo fence.

You can consider a framed design.

With a framed design, you create bamboo panels that are framed in either wood or metal.

Here’s an example of a wood-framed bamboo privacy fence.

Bamboo Privacy Fence With Wood Frame

For the strongest fence.

You might consider creating bamboo panels with a metal frame and posts.

Here’s a look at a beautiful bamboo pool fence.

The black metal frame adds stability and creates a cool look for this fence.

This fence has been stained a deep burgundy color as well.

Bamboo Poolside Fence

Bamboo Fence Panel Designs

Stained Bamboo & Metal Fence

Stained Bamboo Fence Panel

FenceTrac Bamboo Privacy Fence With Black Metal Frame

Bamboo Patio Area With Gate

Bamboo Fence For Pool Equipment

Bamboo Fence Around Pool Equipment

FenceTrac Unique Rolling Bamboo Fence Gate

Rolling Gate With Bamboo

Bamboo fence panel design options are limited only by your imagination. You can stain the bamboo to the color you want.

Now – let’s take a look at how to frame and build a DIY bamboo fence.

How to Frame

A Bamboo Privacy Fence

Earlier, we looked at traditional vs. modern methods of building a bamboo fence.

You could tie the fence or use a wood frame to strengthen the fence.

But for our purposes.

We will focus on a modern approach to building a bamboo privacy fence.

This option uses our unique metal fence frame system.

That provides a “kit” that makes it easy to build a DIY bamboo fence.

Here’s a look at the metal frame without the bamboo added.

Metal Frame Fence Kit

Bamboo Privacy Fence Frame Kits

A FenceTrac metal frame around bamboo fencing panels will:

  • Make the fence much stronger
  • Protect the top and bottom from damage
  • Keep the bamboo off the ground to reduce moisture
  • Create a beautiful and modern look for your fence

FenceTrac is a metal frame fence system that not only looks fantastic but makes it super easy to build your bamboo privacy fence.

Bamboo Fence Assembly Diagram

The FenceTrac system includes a steel channel fence frame kit…

That allows you to insert bamboo fencing materials (up to 1-inch diameter) into the fence frame and securely hold it in place.

Panel Options

For Bamboo Privacy Fences

Bamboo Fencing Panels

There are several manufacturers of bamboo fencing panels.

Most bamboo fencing comes in rolls of pre-assembled bamboo reeds tied together with wire.

Here’s an example of a 6-foot by 6-foot bamboo fence panel that would fit perfectly in the FenceTrac frame.

It comes from Cali Bamboo. Check out their website for more information –

Bamboo Fence Panel Outline Drawing

The FenceTrac metal frame fence system accommodates bamboo up to 1-inch diameter.

Fence frame kits are available in 4-foot, 6-foot or 8-foot heights and in widths of 6-foot or 8-foot.

Bamboo color options include: natural, black, natural burnt, caramel brown and carbonized.

Carbonized bamboo is a slightly darker color than natural. It’s created by heating the bamboo canes.

How to Fasten Bamboo to the Frame

Bamboo must be placed vertically into the frame.

The nice thing about our fence system…

Is that you do not need to screw or attach the bamboo to the frame (unless using a small diameter).

The frame system securely holds the bamboo in place.

Accessories For Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fencing is a natural product.

You can add color to the fence through the use of fence-mounted vertical planter boxes.

Below is a list of manufacturers or suppliers that provide bamboo fencing materials.

Bamboo Fencing Manufacturers & Suppliers

There are multiple source of bamboo fencing materials. Each bamboo supplier offers their own unique products.

When searching online, look for “bamboo fencing” or “rolled bamboo fencing” or “bamboo reed fencing” or “natural bamboo fencing.”

If you need more help, please contact us.

Here are a few sources for bamboo fencing:

  • Perimtec – here at Perimtec, we carry a premium quality bamboo fencing infill available in convenient rolls for simple installation in our fence frame
  • Cali Bamboo – offers high quality bamboo fencing
  • Lowe’s – offers several budget options for bamboo fencing materials
  • Home Depot – offers several budget options for bamboo fencing materials
  • Forever Bamboo – offers several color options for bamboo fencing along with sealer and stain options
  • Sunset Bamboo – offers quality bamboo in natural, black, burnt, carbonized bamboo and more
  • Bamboo Creasian – website lists wholesale bamboo products shipped direct

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