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Fencing Reimagined – Design Without Boundaries

Our reimagined approach to fencing lets you “design without boundaries.”

The innovative fencing system Perimtec offers lets you specify fence height and width, frame color, infill material, direction of infill material, and gate kit combinations.

The result?

Fencing that fits your architectural design and landscaping vision, with the beauty and durability you expect from Perimtec.

Ideal for Homes, HOA Perimeters, Commercial Privacy, Unique Fencing, Enclosures & More

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Class A Flame Spread Rating

We know that the last thing you want to think about is property damage — so we’ve taken steps to ensure your build can not only weather the elements, but take the heat.

Our metal and bamboo infills offer a unique thermal modification process that provides it with the highest durability class possible.


Perimtec serves property owners, contractors and building product suppliers.

As worldwide master distributor for FenceTrac products, Perimtec offers the best prices direct to home owners and property owners. We also partner with select resellers and fence installers to serve the unique needs of individual customers or market areas.


Happy Customers & Partners

“Loving my perimeter fence. Anyone walking by enjoys it as well.”
Swati Hily


“I wanted to show you how beautiful my fence is! I love it and thank you for dressing up my front yard and giving me some privacy.”
Michelle Bennett – Sarasota, FL


“We love Perimtec fencing! So happy with the company and product!”
Nan Bellein


“We wanted a quality stain/sealer with low VOC’s to protect our rather large investment in the wood we purchased for our new fence. A search brought me to Perimtec and the Expert Stain/Sealer they sell. Before ordering, I chatted with a rep online to determine coverage area, etc., so I could figure out how much to order. The rep was friendly and knowledgeable and was able to quickly answer my questions. After that, I chatted with a rep online to find out how long it would take to get the stain/sealer once ordered, and I was told 1-2 days. Reviews of the stain/sealer were exceptionally good, so I took the plunge and ordered the 20 gallons we needed. Exactly 48 hours later, we received the 20 gallons, all in pristine condition, with no leaks or other minor disasters. We have been impressed with the stain/sealer, with the exception of the protracted struggle with the lid to get it off. Yeah, they are sealed VERY WELL. They could probably withstand a nuclear attack. But, even more than that, we have been supremely impressed with the customer service we have received. Even when I contacted them about the lid problem, I got an email and a phone call. In this day and age, this level of attention to customer service is practically unheard of, and I will gladly do more business with them in the future. Maybe next time I can get one of those fabulous fences! ”
Brenda Ford

“We are very pleased with the fence and love it.”
Lynne Swan


“Just wanted to say the product turned out beautifully and our customer was very pleased. Thank you for all of your help during the process.”
Teressa LedwickCountry Boy Fence – Jacksonville, FL


“I had the posts dug & set by my concrete guys, I installed the 9 frames and inserts solo in one day, piece of cake! Looks great! The 8′ height is a great sound barrier.”
Mark Edmund Design, LLC


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