This post will show you how to build a patio privacy fence

…using a fence frame kit that fits perfectly in any residential or commercial setting.

Whether you are looking for an upscale privacy screen or a patio fence that offers total privacy.

You can have it with this kit.

Let’s take a closer look.

Patio Privacy Fence With Slats Privacy Screen

Why You Need a Patio Privacy Fence

The reasons you might want to build a privacy fence around your patio vary.

But here are a few common scenarios. Maybe you’d like to:

  • Create a privacy screen around your patio
  • Add a privacy fence around a concrete patio
  • Enclose a small patio with a DIY patio privacy fence
  • Add a privacy fence to an apartment patio
  • Build a privacy fence to a rooftop sitting area

Or maybe you want to enclose your pool deck in a privacy fence to keep prying eyes out.

Horizontal Privacy Fence Next to Pool Deck

Whatever your reasons…

If you are looking for modern patio design inspiration, you want a solution that gives you design flexibility.

Looks great.

Lasts a long time.

And can match the look and feel of your property.

Patio Privacy Ideas People Have Come Up With

Let’s jump right in and look at some cool looking patio fence ideas.

Instead of building an ordinary wood fence.

Why not make a statement.

Set the tone.

Create a fence that seriously enhances the ambiance of your space.

Check out this fence.

Metal Frame Fence Gate Kit Wood & Metal

It’s beautiful.

It’s modern looking, yet warm and inviting.


Check out these beautiful patio spaces…

Design Your Patio Fence The Way You Want

Why not have a little fun with your fence.

With our metal frame fence kit, you can create a fence that looks totally unique.

Whether you want a horizontal fence.

Or a slatted fence.

Made with wood, pipe, metal slats or something else…

You can build it with this DIY patio privacy fence kit.

Or hire your local contractor or handyman to put the fence together.

No problem.

Here’s a sitting area privacy screen with a laser cut wildlife scene.

Decorative Metal Fence


You can even create privacy screens for utility areas like pool pumps or trash receptacles.

Or for a changing area near your pool.

Like this one.

Pool Changing Enclosure

You’ll notice this fence is surface mounted to concrete.

Our system allows for that as an option.

Or you can order longer posts that are set in concrete like regular fence posts.

At any rate, you’ve got options.

Here are few other cool design ideas for patio privacy screens.

Here’s How to Build a Patio Privacy Fence

Save yourself a ton of time (and hassle) by using a DIY kit to build your fence.

Our patented fence system utilizes a heavy-duty U-channel frame between metal fence posts.

This robust frame holds your choice of infill material in place.

Side channels attach to each post with self-tapping screws.

While top and bottom channels attach to each side channel with just four bolts per panel.

It’s simple.

No additional nails or screws are required to hold most infill in place.

Here’s a diagram of how the fence panels go together.

FenceTrac Assembly Diagram

This fence kit can accommodate any rigid infill materials (up to 1-inch thick).

Design your patio fence the way you want.

Our fence will not warp, lean, sag or rot.

This system makes it super easy to build a house fence.

Wood & Metal Fence Gate From Inside

Perimtec offers privacy panels for small patios.

Or total privacy fences to enclose bigger patios, pools or yards.

Watch this video to see exactly how the kit goes together. 

Creative Fence Panel Ideas

We’ve seen our clients use a variety of different materials to build patio privacy panels.

Here are a few options to consider:

Slatted wood • wood & iron • welded wire • cattle panels • reclaimed wood • corrugated metal • ribbed metal • stone veneer panels • brick veneer panels • bamboo • wrought iron • hardie board • metal screen • wood rails • black slats • white slats • metal sheets • metal panels • perforated metal • etched metal • lattice • wood pallets • barn wood • vinyl • composite • PVC

You can source your infill materials locally.


We also offer tongue & groove cedar wood planks if you want a complete kit.

Complemented by a wide selection of stain color options for your fence.

In addition to that, we provide fence gate kits or yard entry gates that can be mounted to posts or directly to masonry fences, stucco, concrete or block walls.

Whether you are building your own patio privacy fence or having a fence contractor install it.

We wish you the best as you plan your fence project!

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