PVC Privacy FenceIf you are looking for a low maintenance PVC privacy fence that will withstand the test of time…

This post is for you.

Maybe you are exploring other alternative options to traditional wood fences.

Or maybe you are looking for something low maintenance that looks similar to wood.

Selecting a new privacy fence for your home is a big decision and a serious investment.

If factors such as…

Durability, low maintenance, longevity, cost and style are important to you.

Then, a PVC privacy fence could be the perfect fencing solution for your property.

Let’s take a look at why a PVC privacy fence makes a great fence.

What is a PVC Privacy Fence?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a plastic-based material.

That is designed to last for decades.

Another name for a PVC privacy fence is a “vinyl fence.”

White PVC Vinyl Privacy-Fence

Unlike wood that will splinter, rot and crack over time…

PVC will stand strong through all types of weather and environmental changes.

No need to purchase stains and sealants.

Or worry about your child getting a splinter.

You may be surprised to learn…

That the fence below is made from vinyl planks.

Horizontal PVC Wood Look Privacy Fence

PVC provides durability you can count on.

It is also low-maintenance.

Traditionally, most PVC privacy fences come in white or simple colors.

Some of today’s modern PVC fences are available in colors and textures that look like wood.

We’re going to look at a beautiful PVC fence that combines elegant look of black metal with wood-like PVC planks.

Ordinary PVC Privacy Fence Options

Let’s start by taking a look at ordinary PVC fence options.

Vinyl fences are available with several different design options.

But the most common is the ordinary white vinyl fence.

Here’s one below.

White PVC Vinyl Privacy Fence

Some homeowners want to add additional style.

By adding lattice to the top of their fence.

You add a little of a unique look to the plain vinyl fence.

White PVC Vinyl Privacy Fence

Ordinary vinyl fences.

Also come in a few colors.

To give a smooth plastic look.

Here’s one in gray.

Gray Vinyl Privacy Fence

Most PVC fences use PVC posts.


PVC posts reinforced with metal inserts or partly filled with concrete.

Some even use wood inserts, which is generally a bad idea.

While ordinary vinyl fences can last a long time.

There is a better way to build a PVC privacy fence.

It starts with a strong metal fence frame.

The Better Way to Build a PVC Privacy Fence

Check out this PVC fence kit.

You can save yourself time by using a DIY kit to build your PVC privacy fence.

The kit comes with everything you need (except cement).

Our patented fence system utilizes a heavy-duty U-channel metal frame between metal fence posts.

This sturdy frame will hold PVC slats perfectly in place.

All fence metal is powder coated for extreme durability.

Side channels attach to each post with self-tapping screws.

While top and bottom channels attach to each side channel with just four bolts per panel.

It’s simple.

Here’s a diagram of how the fence panels go together.

FenceTrac Assembly Diagram

The steel channel fence frame can accommodate any rigid infill materials (up to 1-inch thick).

With the strength and stability of steel tracs…

Your fence will stand straight.

Our fence will not warp, lean, sag or rot.

Watch this video to see how the system goes together.

A black metal frame…

…combined with vinyl makes this fence really stand out.

This system makes it super easy to build a decorative privacy fence.

With PVC or with designer metal or any other type of infill.

Commercial Privacy Fence

Vinyl Fencing Beyond Black or White PVC

One of the great things about building a PVC fence using our DIY metal frame fence kit…

Is that you aren’t limited to the plain vinyl fence color options available from typical vinyl fence manufacturers.

Most vinyl fence you see are either black PVC or white PVC.

Or other neutral colors…

Like tan, brown or gray.


Vinyl today’s vinyl fence planks are made with lots of beautiful options including wood textured vinyl.

Your PVC privacy fence can have a natural wood tone.

That mimics the look of a real wood fence.

Check out some of these great-looking fences.


Each and every one of them uses vinyl planks.

Where You Can Install a PVC Privacy Fence

A PVC Privacy Fence can be installed anywhere.

Maybe you need to segment off a portion of your yard.

Maybe you are looking for privacy and more security for your property.

Or are looking for backyard fence ideas.

Or maybe you need one around your pool for safety.

Horizontal Pool Fence With Metal Frame

With several different color and design options.

A PVC fence can create the perfect solution for you.

PVC fences can be used as a decorative accent to your flower beds, deck or patio privacy fence.

Or it can create an attractive barrier to hide pool equipment or waste cans.

AC Unit Privacy Fence

Whether it’s a privacy fence.

Semi-privacy fence, decorative vertical picket fence or a ranch style fence.

Using PVC as your infill material can enhance the looks of your backyard, HOA neighborhood or commercial property.

How to Build a Strong Metal & PVC Privacy Fence

If you need a fence that provides privacy and beauty to your backyard..

We have you covered.

A patented fence system and your own imagination can make your dream fence come to life.

With an endless amount of custom fence design options and a strong frame.

Perimtec fence systems can give you a beautiful fence that will stand the test of time.

We also offer fence gate kits for direct access to your backyard oasis.

Whether you are building your own PVC privacy fence or having a fence contractor install it.

We wish you the best as you plan your PVC fence installation.

Contact Perimtec if we can help you in any way! 

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